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Submitted by CranberryPub 1878d ago | news

Evolution Studios reward loyal MotorStorm fans with a Christmas treat

Here's a dev with some Christmas spirit. Evolution Studios has rewarded a handful of loyal MotorStorm fans with a free 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus, following the finale of a weekly 'MotorStorm Mondays' tournament held on video games forum GRcade. (Evolution Studios, Industry, Motorstorm:Pacific Rift, PS3, Tag Invalid)

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Matthew94  +   1878d ago
only 20 people though, still a nice gesture
ChronoJoe  +   1878d ago
To be fair, that's next to all that's left of the motorstorm community. And all they do is sit setting new lap times all day. They're all a pretty nice bunch though... they're always on the Official Playstation forums.
Darkfocus  +   1877d ago
I don't know why you got all those disagrees I went on pacific rift recently and absolutely no one was playing on the american servers...I did find some people when I set it to EU but it was too laggy for me to play with them...
numberonepain  +   1878d ago
What other devs do stuff like this? Regardless it's good to hear of someone getting something for free for their dedication.
Silly gameAr  +   1878d ago
I hope this means that MS:A beta that was rumored might be coming to PS+ soon. This is just to convenient. Contrats too by the way.
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jack_burt0n  +   1878d ago
TBH evolution should look at who has the MSPR platinum trophy and send them cash, give them a job, give them a free copy of the next game or a 3dtv LOL.

I might suck at MS but god damn that game is tough as nails grizzly rusted f**king nails..

Day 1 buy of the next one though :)
Incognegro  +   1877d ago
you ain't lying... It's up there with some of my more difficult platinums. That, Wipeout and Mirrors Edge are probably the 3 hardest games I've had to platinum.
awesomeperson  +   1877d ago
Wipeout HD? *Shudders*
Malebaria  +   1878d ago
This is actually pretty cool from their part.
remanutd55  +   1878d ago
very very nice from them
United4Life  +   1878d ago
Dang i"ve had Pacific Rift since the very day my PS3 was Purachased but never bothered to go online with it.Actually did want to play it online just never found a game online.

Dang those Free 12 months PS plus Subscriptions.
2paclives  +   1878d ago
motorstorm is and will always be one of my favorite racing games...however the problem is, if you remember, the devs hyping about releasing DLC every week to support the game...none of that happened. And then they release an update that kills everyone's game saves. DLC wasn't released until the following summer, well past it's shelf life. I just hope revolution keeps to their promises this time around.
KotC  +   1878d ago
What about the rest of us I love Motorstorm too?
Raoh  +   1878d ago
nice.. i already am a psn+ member so i dont feel left out but it does remind me that i've been negligent of the series. although i like the original motorstorm more than i do pacific rift..

sony and their first parties can learn one small thing from microsoft. simplicity. instead of making a grandeur more evolved sequel, do like halo and gears, make small adjustments, keep the core the same, pacific rift and the new one coming out resemble nothing of the first one that i fell in love with.

when i do get the urge to play motorstorm i play the original not pacific rift.. its fun.. its just not the original...
Mr Tretton  +   1878d ago
You're probably the only person I've seen that prefers the original.

I definetly like PR way more. Better in every way.
Darkfocus  +   1877d ago
I think the damage was better in the original...and I really like some of the tracks but I do agree the second was better especially since it had splitscreen which was the only thing missing from the first...I love motorstorm can't wait till 3 :D
Hazmat13  +   1878d ago
i hope the beta for MSA is not just to PS+ users.
Solid_Snake-  +   1878d ago
i actually think "harms way" is a better game than motor storm.
WeSeePC  +   1878d ago
never played or heard of it!! but judging by the votes I it guess pretty good??
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djreplay  +   1877d ago
You have obviously never played Motorstorm, I prefer snake on my shitty mobile phone to that crap harms way. No wonder its free because no-one would pay for it.
Adolph Fitler  +   1877d ago
@ Xbox360
Your name tells the story my friend. That game looks like a hybrid ps2/360 game (like Gun's conversion to 360).
Motorstorm's presentation alone stomps this game down, and then comes the gameplay that gives your pet 360 game a cleveland steamer.
I knew you were joking immediately after your video started. The primative graphics, combined with the feeling that it is a movie tie in with driving miss daisy, as the cars are ssssssslllooooow. Then we got 5 minutes of some turret gameplay that looked like you'd swapped games, and put on a (poor mans version) COD badly done rip off.
Terrible. I mean sorry, the game may be decent and all, but don't come in here embarrassing yourself, and whole family tree with that rot.

Moving on...the new MS:A looks like the shit, and is swapping it up enough to make it interesting, fresh, but I,m sure will retain that good ol, MS feel. The only thing they should try do for mine is even up the online racers to make them close every time. Definately make the more interesting online, than seeing other cars for 5 seconds at the start of a race, then never seeing another car all race. And this does happen very regularly, not only with the MS games, but many online racers in generally.

Balancing those online factors perfectly for the next game will take it from being a 9.0 game to a 10 IMO.
remanutd55  +   1877d ago
GeneGodHand  +   1877d ago
Evolution Studios can always count on me to buy there games saying there talented is a understatement.
DARKrage34  +   1877d ago
'Tis the season of giving...!

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