Sony confirms Toshiba Cell chip plant buy-back

SlashGear: Sony has confirmed that it is buying back the Nagasaki Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (NSM) Cell production facility from Toshiba, as rumored earlier this week. The plant was sold to Toshiba back in 2008 and then leased to NSM, a joint venture in Cell chip production between Toshiba, Sony and SCEI; once Sony has purchased the plant, the NSM partnership will also be terminated

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Matthew942674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

they must be stepping up production of ps3s then or maybe they are making more cell equipped tvs.

Iamback2674d ago

prob psp2 will use some sort of cell

2674d ago
dredgewalker2674d ago

If they bought back the factory at a lower price then the PS3 price cut is definitely not going to be a rumor.

ComboBreaker2674d ago

Cell in Sony Walkman and cameras coming next.

Imagine that, the power of the PS3, inside a Sony Walkman...

Masterchef20072674d ago

Or maybe they are thinking about the next cell for the PS4

Ripyealip2674d ago

if they get a cheap cell for PS4 than expect it to be at a lower launch price than the PS3 unless they want money.
Lower launch price = Jump Start!

Masterchef20072674d ago

Could they use cell in a gpu? Be cool to have a console with a cell CPU and a Cell GPU. Devs had plenty of time to work with cell so they know how to code for it.

Ju2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

You'd need a lot of SPUs to really replace a GPU. 6 SPUs can perform about what 24 shader processors can do. But todays top cards have 100s of shader processors. You'd need maybe 50 spus or something (in that range) - not feasible.

In an embedded environment, that's a different story, though.

Computersaysno2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Cell is not a GPU, nothing as fast nor like dedicated rasterisation hardware and never will be. Dont expect the next playstation to use a cell processor apart from for backwards compatability....

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dragonelite2674d ago

Uuh they are making a camera chip factory from it if im not mistaken.

SnakeMustDie2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

This will make the cell cheaper to develop thus a price drop will be inevitable in the future.

Clarence2674d ago

Well said. This is a big. With Sony controlling this they will be able to set the price lower for the PS3. $199.99 PS3 checkmate.

Rush2674d ago

Actually the owned the Cell production plant beforehand they simply bought back what they had already sold at a cheaper price.

Masterchef20072674d ago

That makes a lot of sense. The more parts sony produces themselves the cheaper they can produce the PS3

Ju2674d ago

This could have various reasons. Often, inhouse only makes sense if you use a lot of those chips internally, you want to secure your IP or sell overproduction to 3rd party.

In that case, however, none of those reasons really apply. I would rather say, Sony had no other choice. With Toshiba pulling out of CELL production and not really a lot of 3rd party customers using it, Sony might have pulled it inhouse to make sure they are not completely dependent on Toshiba shutting down the factory - or simply prioritize other products; thus raising prices eventually.

It sure can have something to do that Sony might use the CELL for other products, too. But loosing control over CELL production is most likely the primary reason for doing this. And - it made sense to sell the factory when Sony needed money. They seem to recover now.

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acky12674d ago

yay Sony!
Sony 'til I die

blumatt2674d ago

Yeah, Sony til you die. lol :) haha But yeah, this looks like a great move by Sony. A $200 PS3 would really do wonders for sales. Of course, MS would counter it by making a $99 360 with little to no harddrive or something like that, which make it look more appealing even though the PS3 offers a lot more value out of the box.

NYC_Gamer2674d ago

price drop is around the corner

remanutd552674d ago

PSP 2 using some sort of cell integration ?

Ju2674d ago

I think this is a possibility.

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