Games you don't want to wake up to on Christmas morning

GamerZines writes:

Christmas is a time for giving. So when you wake up on Christmas morning, you fully expect to be given a handful of the latest and greatest games you've asked for. But what happens when it all goes wrong? Mum's picked up last year's Call of Duty thinking it was Black Ops, Nan's bought you the Medal of Honor book rather than the game, and well, Dad's too busy getting merry in the armchair to really care.

If you wake up to these this Christmas, you're in for a big surprise.

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disparage2491d ago

I don't think I'd want to wake up to a CoD game at all...

AndrewRyan2491d ago

Me neither, but 7million other people would.

ATi_Elite2490d ago

Um I'm not gonna wake up to any games on Xmas morning, I'm gonna be gaming all night (LAN PARTY) so I most likely wont wake up till noon, then I'm a want some food.

If I don't see Half Life 2 ep3 downloading in my steam folder then in reality it wont be Xmas.

enjoy your Kinects, Moves, COD, socks, ugly sweaters and gift cards tomorrow.

Cevapi882490d ago

dont diss on socks dont know how important those are until you get older

lordkemp0072491d ago

lordkemp007 from Scotland wishes all gamers from around the world a very happy and merry Christmas.

Here's hoping tomorrow you wake up on Crimble morning and Santa has delivered your gaming Christmas wishes.

Optical_Matrix2491d ago

Call of Duty or Crackdown 2. Crackdown 2 is one of the worst games I've played this generation.

divideby02491d ago

just be grateful for someone thinking enough to buy you a present...
nothing worse than an ungrateful kid

Janitor2490d ago

That comment just shut this article and entire comment section down. Well said.

jashmister2491d ago

COD: Black ops, I seriously hated the small time I borrowed that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.