Mibri & Tebri - Game of the Year Confirmed

Sega unveiled what might be the best Wii game ever. Forget Bioshock, this is seriously the game of the year. It has been ages, but the time has finally come for the return of the mighty FMV title. The Wii gets knocked for being the weaker system, but these are some photo-realistic graphics. I mean, it has real actors and everything!

In Mibri & Tebri, players will engage in a strategic game of charades where they try to identify what the on-screen actors are doing.

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Farsendor13909d ago

game of the year doubt that. but wii does have some interesting stuff coming up might need to give it a shot.

ryanjtravis3909d ago

I'm pretty sure (read: 100% sure) that the writer was being sarcastic about GOTY and being better than Bioshock.

This game looks completely insane - not "good" insane, but like the dictionary definition of insane. The screens are hilarious.

RadientFlux3909d ago

the guy wearing leather is seriously freaking me out ;)

iNcRiMiNaTi3909d ago

is that borat on the right side of the 1st pic?

ryanjtravis3909d ago

HA! I thought the same exact thing when I saw that! :)

Xwow3909d ago

game of the year,joke of the year.
lol..don,t get me wrong this game looks uniqe but game of the year and better than bioshock it,s .

ryanjtravis3909d ago

You didn't read the article man... the writer is joking about GOTY - the game looks completely ridiculous.

power0919993909d ago

I guess "technically" the actors are photo-realistic.

Reminds me of the old Sega-CD/3DO days. :)

iNcRiMiNaTi3909d ago

is a technical milestone then lol...i remember seeing that and saw real people with blood coming out of them...was pretty cool when i was 6

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The story is too old to be commented.