Heavenly Sword's Characters are so Realistic that they Inspire Feelings

As technology marches forward, we find ourselves wrapping our heads around the evolving role it plays in entertainment, incorporating new wrinkles that become standard over time.

So it is with Heavenly Sword, which will be remembered as the first video game featuring characters who communicate emotion with subtle facial expressions. A flick of the eyes, an intake of breath, a slight downturn at the corner of the mouth... this is digital acting, in real-time. And it's pretty amazing.

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Frances-the-Mute3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

the characters also give the game a more believable feel to it, imo

WIIIS13909d ago

I agree. RPGs stand a better chance at inspiring feelings than hack and slash games since the former are generally more immersive than the latter.

leon763909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah a hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! ! !!!!!!!You're saying bullsh*t, because you know that is impossible to do in Xbox360!!!!

solidt123909d ago

they use the interactive dialog to help with emotions but I was not impressed with the face emotions and the floaty eyes in Mass Effect. im getting Mass Effect because it will be a great Sci- Fi game bt don't try to give it credit for face animation because it is not better than Heavenly Sword when it comes to that. If you have any doubts check out any of the Making of Heavenly Sword videos on and see how much work they put into this to get it right.

HarryEtTubMan3909d ago

Mass Effect is going to be paethetic... Stone Cold faces. Borrrinngg, last gen.

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Farsendor13909d ago

this is my kinda game love these action fighters and a lot like god of war but a bit different cant wait to play the full game.

WIIIS13909d ago

The face may be nice, but the hair's a complete mess. Inspire feelings...? Facial animations alone don't inspire anything except the initial "ahh, that's nice" if gameplay and storyline aren't there.

dauden3909d ago

Yes, let's bring hair into a discussion about facial animations. Brilliant! Facial expression in addition to body language IS how one shows feelings. Pretty much every review of this game gives it promise for it's gameplay and storyline. Not to mention that it has the best acted cutscenes till this date.

I am atleast very looking forward to playing this game.

falconm803909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )


solidt123909d ago

better hair but they didnt have time to get it where they wanted in time for this game. The next game the hair will look more like what we saw on the CG TV commercial.

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