Square, Star Ocean devs bringing new RPG to 360

Epic RPG aficionados Square and Star Ocean developers Tri-Ace are teaming up to bring a new Japanese-style RPG to the Xbox 360.

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batman2million3693d ago

dang.. i wonder what it is. hopefully it'll be badass..
im still hoping they'll announce FF 13 for 360 so i dont have to get a ps3 for that.

but i doubt it

jlemdon3693d ago

and to who ever said that this game was canned need to kill themselves for that.LOL!!!

Xwow3693d ago

IP from square-enix to the x360.
it will be timed Exclusive just like namco bandai RPGs.
in the end ps3 is the choice for all RPGs fans.

ericnellie3693d ago

where you're getting your information. As of now, the 360 has more RPGs available and in it's pipeline than PS3 (just the facts). I hate fanboys that make random comments based on crap!!

Saint Sony3693d ago

In your dreams baby. How many RPGs there are currently on PS3? It does not help you much if people can play the game better in 360 like half year before it comes to PS3 as a sucky port?

Agriel3693d ago


well not really the PS3 has over 14 JRPG's coming, not including FFXIII, White Knight Story, and FFvXIII.
Lets not for get Star Ocean 4. And what does the 360 have? Blue Dragon, LO, and now this new game, and we are talking exclusives here right?

ericnellie3693d ago

Okay, as of right now and by the end of 2007 -- there are more RPGs for the 360 than the PS3. I'm a fan of both and have both, I'm just saying that by the end of 2007 and half of 2008 there will be more RPGs out for 360. I do know that the PS3 has it's heavy hitters that will one day make its way to release like Kingdom Hearts, FFXIII, and Dragon Quest but, they won't be out for a while. In the near future and available now are these:

Blue Dragon, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy XI, Oblivion, Two Worlds, Overlord, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Enchanted Arm, Fable 2, and Mass Effect. I didn't mention the others like last remnant or the other recently announced titles.

I love my PS3 but, don't get me wrong; I know what reality is. I'm sure that when it's all said and done, PS3 will probably have more but, that's not for a while. So, for 07 I'll being playing JRPGs (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Eternal Sonata) on the 360 and Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and Haze on my PS3.

By the way, if anyone has ever read any of my posts. I always post the most unbiased comments. I'm a gamer and love games and frankly -- without both the PS3 & 360 I don't know where I'd be (I'd probably have a little more money in the bank though:)

synetic3693d ago

Nostredame like elders scroll ??? Ohh wait ps3 version not only have better graphics but the loadings are 2x faster and wait we didnt had to pay for the extras muahahahaha .. shut up and yes i have elders scroll for ps3 and xbox 360 .

xbots are getting they QI more and more low this days lol

hey go play your 6.0/10 AAA rpg game blue dragon ( btw lair is not a rpg hehe )

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slimace3693d ago

this console is only good for fps,now there arent many rpg's on ps3 but they will come and i dont talk about rpg's like stupid blue dragon,kids rpg

Saint Sony3693d ago

Mass Effect in your face.

eclipsegryph3693d ago

Your inability to form a cohesive sentence aside, it is downright illogical (and probably indicative of a mental disorder) to say that the Xbox 360 is "only good for fps". All games of all genres can be played on any system, obviously. What you're probably referencing is the thought that the 360 is "marketed" towards FPS games. Whether that is true or not is a different debate all together, but please stop insulting humanity with the kind of thinking you just displayed here.

rev203693d ago

SO its published by square enix, but developed by tri-ace.

square have just put there name to it then is that right?

midgard2293693d ago

tri-ace has always belonged to enix, square fused with enix so now its theirs too. its like metro studios and nintendo for metroid, and silicon knights for fire emblem and nintendo, bungie for microsoft etc. so yes their name is on it cuz they own tri-ace lol.

but yeah, i dont like the character design of this game, it an odd mixture of jap and western. and clayish. not sayin its bad, cuz i've been a fan of tri-ace games since star ocean 2, valkyrie profile, VP2, star ocean 3, radiata stories and soon star ocean 4 :D

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