USA Today: Heavenly Sword Is Heaven Sent For PS3 Review Score 9.0

The comparisons to God of War couldn't have been more accurate.

PlayStation 3 release Heavenly Sword boasts a blade-wielding protagonist, gripping action and spectacular cinematography.

Created by game studio Ninja Theory, Heavenly Sword tells the tale of Nariko, a passionate heroine who brandishes the Heavenly Sword to protect it from an invading king.

Heavenly Sword is a rare game where cut scenes are welcome. Andy Serkis -– best known to Lord of the Rings fans as Gollum – lends his creative talents with impressive results. Facial animations are incredibly detailed and dripping with emotion, ranging from panic to elation to terror.

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PimpHandHappy3906d ago

USA today likes this game and this will reach a much larger audience then some gamer web site.

if this game was 12hours long you would have a GOTY. Cant wait to play this game, maybe part 2. Good news

Remember PPL

Dont not feed the trolls! In fact just hit ignore and they will starve and go away for good.


i agree a bubble for you.I love you saying. A wise person once said

Dont not feed the trolls! In fact just hit ignore and they will starve and go away for good.

nasim3906d ago

I mean this game makes all other x360 games look like wii games.

thats understandable since wii and x360 are very low powered hardwares with toony graphics (cartoon halo 3 is one example)

Bigmac5733906d ago

USA Today isn't completely retarded when it comes to games, I see.

sonarus3906d ago

wow since when did usa today review games? this game has the potential to really move ps units i wonder why ninja theory had to make it so short.

iceice1233906d ago

USA today will start to review games. It has been obvious for some time now they are Sony lovers. Of course they will overrate this game.

toughNAME3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

dont lower yourself to their conspiracy-theory-loving level

Chaos Striker3906d ago

I believe USA Today criticized the PS3 about its lack of support and such a while ago. Maddens Raiders below also brought up how the ps3 was used as an example for overpriced tech items that people are not willing to pay. That said, I highly doubt they are "sony lovers" and presented this review on an unbiased basis.

xg-ei8ht3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Sony Lovers?

They've been putting down ps3 since it was released, Moaning about price tag and anything else.

But this is a surprise.

Nice Score:)

PStriple7033906d ago

can't wait to play tomorrow!

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The story is too old to be commented.