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BLaZiN PRopHeT3723d ago

"Sakaguchi says he's brought Lost Odyssey with him. It's about a month away from going final. It's at 95% complete. He's going to play the begining for 10 minutes."

wow didnt expect Lost Odyssey to be that far. i guess it will be out by dec

Blasphemy3723d ago

Sensui takes the stage again. America and Europe will see Lost Odyssey in February 2008. Other parts of Asia will see it in Janaury of 2008. The Japanese price will be 6,800 yen, which is the standard price of a Japanese game. Although many big-budget Square Enix RPGs tend to cost a couple of thousand yen more, so this is a good value.

FordGTGuy3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

[Ninja Gaiden 2 Gameplay Description] The game starts. The player jumps into first person to survey the scene. Then runs around. A GROUP OF SIX ENEMIES APPEAR.

The gameplay is so fast that it's hard to watch. Hard to keep up with. Lots of blood. Bodies getting chopped in half. Ryu pins enemis on the ground, thrusts his sword in, and they explode!

After the fight, he shakes the blood of his sword. Then runs up the stairs to the top of a bridge. Lots of eneies appear. Ryu does a ninja arts move. He switches form his rapier sword to a twin blade.

Then to shurikens. Actually, I think the shurikens are equipped as a subweapon. The environments have a lot of destructable elements to them. He's fighting in a fruit stand area, and when the fight ends, all the stands have been destroyed and the fruits are lying on the ground.

Next, Ryu faces off aginst gun-wielding enemies. They have machine guns.

Chopped up bodies are everywhere. They don't seem to be leaving the scene, at least not initially.

Now, he changes to Ryu's claws. Giant winged beasts, three times his size appear. They have green blood.


Boss time. A giant rumbling. A huge beast, with six legs and 10 times Ryu's size rampages onto the scene. He roars, then the demo comes to an end.

LeonSKennedy4Life3723d ago

That sure does sound good...

...unless you've played God of War II or Devil May Cry 3.

Then, it just sounds mediocre.

WIIIS13723d ago

And suddenly, Heavenly Sword doesn't sound very heavenly anymore.

HardKnockKid243723d ago

I've been keeping up with it since it start, people get over there and keep updated, NG2 looks like it plays very well, well it sounds like it anyway.

ShiftyLookingCow3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

so does that mean Ace Combat 6 is a 360 exclusive?

[edit] yeah thats what I think too, similar to UT3 on PS3 perhaps

pwnsause3723d ago

exclusive this year, you know its PR talk, just like Sony's PR mumbo Jumbo

ArduousAndy3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

NG2 is now on Xbox Live

also as far ace combat 6 it could be just PR speak. But you never know.

edit: how the hell do i get a disagree for my comment? I mention that NG2 is on live right now which it is. Then I mention that what was said about AC6 could be nothing more then PR speak. What kinda loser read what i wrote and actually disagreed with it?

jackdoe3723d ago

Once the box art is shown, it should clear up a lot of things. If there is no only for 360 logo, probably timed exclusive like Eternal Sonata.

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