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Biggest Disappointment of 2010

Playstation Lifestyle writes:

"Final Fantasy is known for its beautiful graphics, deep strategy, vast exploration through unknown worlds, often riddled with interesting characters, numerous side quests, and enthralling story lines. Instead FFXIII lacked almost every single one of these characteristics. Beautiful and boring, its only redeeming quality is the incredible graphics while its greatest downfall is the complete lack of strategy within combat."

See Playstation Lifestyle's other biggest dissapointments after the link. (Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Medal of Honor, PS3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2)

4cough   1748d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Shazz  +   1748d ago
it's actually sad to see the odd people still trolling and being so bitter just 2 days from Xmas . Santa not coming to your house this year or something 4cough ?
TheOldOne  +   1748d ago
4cough has been a very naughty troll.
knifefight  +   1748d ago
They called FF13 the biggest disappointment of the year even though it got an 8/10 in their review? o_O

Gran Turismo 5 as a runner up for biggest disappointment, even though it was a 10/10 on this site? I...I...huh?
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PooEgg  +   1747d ago
Just goes to show that reviews are not to be trusted.
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Belasco  +   1748d ago
They could have played it safe and just did a remake of FF7, they strayed too far from the formula.
Kee  +   1748d ago
Yep, it seems that since squaresoft became square enix they forgot how to make good Final Fantasy games. Well, crisis core is one exception.

Fingers crossed they get their mojo back before they try any remakes, otherwise they'll go and ruin VII.
RedDead  +   1748d ago
I wasn't expecting much from FFXIII, and I was STILL dissapointed, that's how bad it was.

Edit---hahaha, playstation lifestyle gave it an 8 and say it's the most dissapointing thing of the year

"For well over 2 decades the Final Fantasy franchise has been synonymous with epic RPG, but this automaton doesn’t deserve to share the brand name"
Why did you give it an 8 then lol
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Arknight  +   1748d ago
FFXII, although, having a completely different battle system still had huge areas to explore and was loaded with secrets.

There is literally nothing secret to find in FFXIII...it is deserving of far worse than just biggest disappointment of the year.
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Son_Lee  +   1748d ago
I loved FFXIII. My game of the year, but to each their own.

Sure, it doesn't match previous installments, but nothing this year came much closer for me.
BigDollarZoe954  +   1748d ago
i agree
FF7numbaone  +   1748d ago
Game sucked balls, one of the worst jrpgs released.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1748d ago
Thats a nice opinion he has there.

Actually no, its pretty fucked up.
pwneddemocrat  +   1748d ago
I dont get the FF 13 hate..
i mean didn't anyone play FF 10 ?
it's been linear since that game came..

too many ass effects and fables style rpgs ruined FF 13's image in ratings.
yea it was linear but so was FF 10 -which i think is the best rpg period. - you know FF 10 right? it came before FF 13 and like 2 games came between?
you know, FF 13 is linear just like the games in it's series were?

anyways, FF 13 is not a disappointing game, people were just expecting marine homos and some open world to go into.
and in FF 10 -alongside it's linearity- LuLu was effing hot.
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RedDead  +   1748d ago
I dislike Fable and think ME is just ok.
FF10 had things to break up the constant battles, which ALWAYS get boring in any FF if you don't get a break from them. FF10 had temple puzzles and blitzball and also some towns, about 60% of your play time was spent battling, where as abotu 9-% of FFXIII was battling there was also secret places to go at the end, get Anima etc. FFX also had better music imo, better story imo, and a much better villain. It also lacked crap like Team NORA(FuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!)

Also the fact that FFXiii didn't open up for ages, you can't base a game on after 20 hours, the first 20-25 hours were terribly boring in terms of gameplay. The only good battle for them were eidolon battles. In act I think they were the only parts of the game I liked, when someone starts losing hope , nice music comes on and an Eidolon pops out.
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GeneGodHand  +   1748d ago
Yea XIII is such a straight heterosexual game /s wtf are you talking about?

@ Red i meant to agree everything you said is correct.
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dragon82  +   1748d ago
I honestly can't agree with this choice. I guess I am in the minority though. I actually enjoyed FFXIII alot.
Arup02  +   1748d ago
I think you're the only one.
dragon82  +   1748d ago
LOL. Maybe. That's the joy of being able to form your own opinions I guess.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1748d ago
Most people i know Love FFXIII, whether on forums or Real life.
assmonkey  +   1748d ago
FFXIII was let down but no. 1? no way! If anything i'd pick SWTFUII. That game was dumb.
pwneddemocrat  +   1748d ago
The biggest disappointing game this year is Halo Reach.

dont get me wrong i play that game everyday online but that game's online is waaaay noob friendly
it's not the same anymore.
you can say oh but but it had story it had music who gives a crap halo was all about the online
and this part it's too noob friendly

Jet packs and armor on top of that shiity maps
no dont get fooled, bungie didnt win this.
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iliimaster  +   1748d ago
this game was such a massive dissapointment i dont know where to start this game should of been a new IP not a final fantasy RPG game.. .all they seem to care about is online games and making them 100% different from what MADE them
Allowen  +   1748d ago
I enjoyed FF13 quite a bit and I can't say wich rpg was the best for me bettewn it , ME2 and Fallout New Vegas.
All those three RPGs are completely different from one another even when they are al sci fi
Sevir04  +   1748d ago
Hands Down FFXIII
Everyone expected alot from that game, I did! and for me it tanked. It was better than 12 and i thought 12 was horrible, 13 was just not a finally fantasy, if there was ever a corridor RPG this would be it! FF13 sorely disappointed me!
Arup02  +   1748d ago
FFXII was one of the best i've played. Why you didn't like it?
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GeneGodHand  +   1748d ago
FFXII is the best FF hands down no battle screens HUGE world alot of secrets its a gem for sure and to anyone who said the story is bad that is bs the story is really good if you were paying attention which is hard for some to do.
Kee  +   1748d ago
XII wasn't a bad game, its just I was a bit peeved at the summons being completely unmemorable and some of the characters ( I'm looking at you Vaan) being a little bit annoying.

That said, I enjoyed the gameplay, they did something innovative that a game called White Knight Chronicles tried to copy -- and wasn't quite as immersive as FFXII.
XII was also really free which I think XIII lacked, but still, in hindsight I was quite disssppointed in XIII.
Sevir04  +   1748d ago
I found 12 way too slow, and too politcal for my taste
It was Open world but it just wasn't fun to me! I completed it but it took everything in me to not do away with the game i simply hated it! To me No final fantasy will ever Top FF9. it was the first final fantasy game i played and to me it was the rubric i grade all final fantasy's on. It was engaging and had some of the best characters in the entire franchise (save for 7's cast!) , and the story was gravitating from start to finish,
HungryGoku  +   1748d ago
I liked XII more then IX but there both amazing there both on top of my list in FF.
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INehalemEXI  +   1748d ago
Considering the time you have to wait between main FF's it could get the #1 spot easy. This one was not satisfactory to many....now we wait...

The linearity of 13 is saying if you want exploration play FF 14 ....but again....you wait for this to be patched to satisfaction, Or wait for VS.

I remember closed mega theaters making me wait just to see footage too while it was being developed. Leaks helped a bit after awhile.

They show A Tech Demo of FF7 running on PS3 hardware....wait

Starting to feel like a long wait for a train that don't come.
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Zydake  +   1748d ago
To be honest this was my first Final Fantasy game and when i rented it i got so bored but i thought hey this is a well known series so it should kick ass and now that I see reviews and consumer feedback. So I was right.
edoman20  +   1748d ago
Wow i enjoyed like hell the biggest disapointment of the year

Well that demostrates how much i care of what the press says XD
OllieBoy  +   1748d ago
Alan Wake. Was hyped to be AAA and expected to sell well.

Neither one happened.
BigDollarZoe954  +   1748d ago
Sounds Like A Hater Made This List but where is the FFXIII haters cause i know there coming lol
Gambit07  +   1748d ago
LoveMyKids  +   1748d ago
Bullshit GT 5 is the best racing game ever.
Figboy  +   1748d ago
my biggest disappointment of 2010 is Little Big Planet 2 being delayed until January. seriously.

as far as games go, i can't say i was disappointed in any of the games i was anticipating. i wholeheartedly enjoyed

Mass Effect 2
White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Final Fantasy XIII (don't understand the hate, and i'm a LONGTIME FF fan)
3D Dot Game Heroes
Red Dead Redemption
Alan Wake
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (so far, i'm still playing it right now)
Lego Harry Potter
Halo: Reach
DC Universe Online Beta

i mean, damn, i had a GREAT year this year. i even enjoyed Fable 3, despite it being rather average.

the key is to keep your expectations realistic. i don't go into games thinking they are going to be the best thing ever, or "kill" >insert popular game on "rival" console here<. i simply go into a game hoping to be entertained. i don't need innovation or revolution to enjoy a video game. it's a shame that it seems like the gaming media, and the gaming masses at large, have this notion that all games have to bring something fresh or unique to the table, and if they don't, they "PHAIL" somehow.

next year for me is looking fantastic as well, but my wallet took a BEATING this year, so i'm going to be a bit more responsible in 2011.

people look for the negative way too much these days. whether you were a 360 or PS3 owner, or both, like me, there was more than enough to keep us busy and satisfied for the year. i don't put my games under a microscope like many folks in the media do (and sites like Neogaf).
Figboy  +   1748d ago
Forgot to add Fallout: New Vegas to that list as well. It's been a great year for me.
Belasco  +   1748d ago
Its a Playstation website, why the fuck are people bringing up Halo Reach?
achippedbrick  +   1748d ago
im black and i say ff13 is the best final fantasy, the hate of ff13 exist simply cause it was also on 360 if it was in its same form no difference at all only on ps3 it would be the best ff ever guaranteed
shammgod  +   1748d ago
my biggest disappointment of the year....the reviewers. WOW! half the time i wondered if they were playing the same game i was, the other half it seemed like they were paid off.WTF. i want authentic reviews son! BTW, ALC and Doc No (Gutter Water)

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