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GI: We've got three official wallpapers from Crystal Dynamics for a slew of monitor sizes and devices. Enjoy!

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pwneddemocrat2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

OK.. we first saw this picture and went " :O "
amazing and interesting seeing a younger-just-got-out-of-shit-k icking-some-serious-ass Lara
but this picture is getting annoying please give us any new picture im getting scared from that look she has in it.

Dead_Pixel2220d ago Show
Dead_Pixel2220d ago Show
thebudgetgamer2220d ago

i wish i could make that into a poster for my apartment.

thebudgetgamer2220d ago

i found a way.

beavis4play2220d ago

i'd rather have a wallpaper of the helghast with the spear stuck through his skull.

zgoldenlionz2220d ago

Im loving the New Lara and excited to see what Tomb Raider has in store now that there really trying to compete against the Uncharted series.

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