Sony Execs Talk Home's Adults Only Zones and How You Will Profit

The semi-unofficial Sony bloggers at Three Speech sat down with a trio of key Sony Computer Entertaiment execs-namely Jamie Macdonald, VP of Worldwide Studios, Paulina Bozek, Executive Producer of SingStar and Peter Edward, Director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group-to chat about all things "Game 3.0." User created content is a Big Deal at Sony right now, with SingStar, LittleBigPlanet and Home leading the charge. So, what can we expect from Home? How about adults-only areas?

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neogeo3904d ago

Home will start the beginning of the end. I'm more excited about Home then any game. I just love the idea of cruzing around town and pimpen out my Apartment for my friends to come see, maybe play a little pool with some good music playing in the background.I remember reading about custom rooms where everybody has a skateboard they can do tricks of ramps. How about a swimming pool party?
People say its a rip from the sim. I say GOOD! the sims is still the best selling PC game of all time.
Also unlike the sims, there are real people in Home not AI.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3904d ago

I don't expect home to reach it full potential right away, but as long as it gets people started. And I think with time the potetial with Home is endless.

reaferfore203904d ago

I also agree, Home is going to be something new that Xbox live won't really be able to compete with very good. Hopefully they'll get a lot more content out through home. I want a 3-D PS-Store, that would be sexy.

Mr VideoGames3904d ago

1. i Played the Beta it sucked who knows how it's goiong to do SONY has a Reputation of Letting people down.

2. and also if Microsoft wanted to they could Easily Update Xbox Live with a HOME Option there the Kings when it comes to Software.

i just Thought i should shed some light to the Mindless SONY Idiots and explain how easy it is to Exploit there HOME (which was Boring in my Opinion) why don't you just go Buy a SIMS Game?

darkside3904d ago

why buy the sims game when Home is free???? please explain your logic?

Fighter3904d ago

MS is the king when it comes to computer software but they come with so many bugs.

Why are you in a PS3 related post? No wonder you're losing your bubbles. Good luck on your other account(s).

sticky doja3904d ago

Cancel your account please. You give people that have a 360 a bad name.

rowdy 13904d ago

You haven't played home, because you don't play it, you interact with it. Stop spouting off hate. VG4L.

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Antonio_Mex3904d ago

HOME is going to kick some ass dudes and chicks! its going to be awesome!

Jdash243904d ago

man i cant wait for home, its going to be really awsome

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The story is too old to be commented.