8.0 Two Worlds 2 (PS3 version) Review writes: Two Worlds 2 is the game that I would recommend not only to RPG fans, but to any PS3 owner.

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Omegabalmung1960d ago

sounds good. Will be looking forward to this when it comes out. Just wondering if I should play the first game?

NecrumSlavery1960d ago

The first game sucked really bad. Just skip it.

Duoma1960d ago

I'm with Necrum on this one. I never understood how so many people I knew liked the first one when it was so horrible. Good graphics aside I'm wondering if they fixed any of the control/gameplay issues of the first one.

Baka-akaB1960d ago

yeah it's a wonder they even bothered making it a sequel , instead of creating a new serie .

The two games are polar opposites in quality

Spenok1959d ago

Agreed. Dont bother Omegabalmung. As Baka-akaB says the two games are polar oposites. And this game is looking very good. I am looking forward to it.

VERGILPL1960d ago

Repair the link, because it doesn't work.

Deleting1960d ago

The first one put me off too much to play the second game or maybe it's because I've played Elder Scrolls so much

chidesd1960d ago

I cant wait for two worlds 2

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