PS3/360 NBA Live 08 - Better Crowd and Anti-aliasing on X360 version, PS3 Version is Washed Out

A polish site has put together a comparison of NBA Live 08 Demo which was recently released on Xbox live and PSN network to gamers. According the comparisons, there is better crowed movements and anti-aliasing in the Xbox 360 version than PS3. The current PS3 version looks washed out. The game was just a demo and that, they are hoping EA will work on this before it's final release.

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DrWan3904d ago

These are meningless to me, i already know what PS3 is capable of from seeing Heavenly sword, Warhawk in action. and also Rachet demo, all these inferior graphic bullcrap propaganda about machine strength don't work least for me, it will make me just hate the developer

BADBOYEK43904d ago

But Those Games Dont Run 60fps,The same thing was Done with DIRT for the PS3, they had to remove objects such as Trees and Lakes from the game that are still in the 360 version to get it to run 30fps on the PS3.

toughNAME3904d ago

lol its right there infront of you even know what propaganda is?

pretty much every multiplatform game (that is not delayed) looks better on the 360

the world isnt out to get you Sony boys, eventually you'll run out of people to blame

razer3904d ago

That hasn't even hit PSN yet?? Or am I missing it?

tplarkin73904d ago

Developers didn't have such a hard time making Xbox 1 games run smoother than PS2 games. The reason is that Xbox 1 was more powerful than PS2, and it showed in the games.

Now, games run smoother on 360. This means that the 360 is more powerful. If you know a way to make PS3 games better, talk to the developers, because they don't know.

Lifendz3904d ago

lol. But for the rest of us that are fans of EA's sports games this is pretty frustrating. I've had a boycott in effect on EA sports since Madden 08 was so bad and I'm going to keep it going until EA gets their act together and makes a PS3 versions that's at least as good as the 360 version.

ericnellie3904d ago

The issues is not that the PS3 is not a capable piece of hardware, it's just that when it comes to multi-platform stuff, it's lagging behind. It seems like no one wants to invest the extra money to make the PS3 versions up to standards which, maybe due to it's lower install base. I'm not sure -- anyone have any ideas?
I just know that if I buy an EA sports game, I'll purchase the 360 version.

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the greatest3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

2k will be better
EA dosen't care about the ps3
nba 2k8 will rule on the ps3

Snukadaman3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Basketball on NBA live 2008 sucks. you cant even fake the shot. I gave up on nba live with the 2001 version. It felt like they were on roller skates. 2K8 is where i spend my money.

xplosneer3904d ago

Live sucks but you CAN fake the shots.

ShiftyLookingCow3904d ago

well this goes to show how much EA cares about pushing titles every year for money sake alone than to making the games play well

masterg3904d ago

This one is fake.
Can't believe you guys bought it.

aslucher3904d ago

sadly no, i just played NBA '08 demo for the ps3 and it looks just like the picture... the AA isnt the problem for me, it is the laziness in the crowd... now that i see it, it bugs the hell out of me and i can spot all the imperfections from afar.....

BigKev453904d ago

I play both demos for X360 and PS3. The X360 version was much better.