Dead Space 2: Bavaria wants to stop German release

Bavaria, a state in Germany, has decided to veto against the 18+-rating from German classification board USK. That means, that the rating board hast to repeat the testing process. USK has to rate Dead Space 2 again - for the sixth time, as EA rep Olaf Coenen told PC Games in a press release. Therefore the release of Dead Space 2 at the end of January 2011 not only is in jeopardy, but USK could decline a rating this time. EA started a petition to protest against this unheard-of development.

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The Matrix2621d ago

Dead Space 2 is a highly disturbing and violent game. I recommend no one under the age of 2 play it...and Germans.

velocitygamer2621d ago

I bet Germans also banned the Boogeyman from entering houses. Booga booga booga!

The Matrix2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Velocitygamer are you an idiot??!??! You can't ban the boogeyman...that's like a legendary creature. There is no government regulation for something like that.

Deathstroke2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

They may have banned the Boogeyman but there is always a loophole...

sonicsidewinder2620d ago

ahhh Velocitygamer, you just kick started my day.

MisterNiwa2620d ago

Well guys, you know, I can still import my games and Boogeymen.

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MAJ0R2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I think he was joking too...

LoaMcLoa2620d ago

sonicsidewinder, he just killed mine with this comment...

velocitygamer2620d ago

Fail on my part on not realizing he was joking too :/

kaveti66162620d ago

Dose Bavarians. Alvays making a fuss.

Masterchef20072620d ago

one state isnt going to prevent the game from being sold in all of germany. look at all the games that allowed you to play as the nazis that got released in germany. You think they are going to ban dead space 2 cause its a little 2 disturbing for them when they can tolerate people playing as nazis?

xtremegamerage2620d ago

I won't go into what the nazi's did, or the ss squad. It's actually alot worse then ds2.

But seriously games like this do need to be banned from children. I know alot of parents let kids play GTA4,COD black ops. And i mean kids. This is a horror game and meant to scare.

But to ban completely is stupid.

Spenok2620d ago

I hope this doesnt happen. This is looking to be a fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.