15 Brutal and Gruesome Ways to Die in the Dead Space 2 demo

This totally isn't how you're supposed to be playing this =3

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solidsnake2222768d ago

1:07 to 1:30 was just freakin' brutal...I love it!

Serjikal_Strike2767d ago

I'll have to play the demo again and let myself get killed in the part....thats freakin awesome!

egidem2767d ago

That was sick...this demo was scared the shit out of me...more than the first game! I look forward to Dead Space 2!!

xtremegamerage2767d ago

That game is awesome:()

Happy xmas:))))

Bloodraid2766d ago

I wasn't too impressed with the game, to be honest. It was being hyped up as a really good horror game and all that I got out of the demo was a bunch of shit jumping out at me accompanied by some loud noises.

The only part that was meant to be 'creepy' (near the beginning with the guys in the test-tubes or whatever they were) was completely expected. I seriously called it before it happened. Same with the elevator scare. The game is far too predictable.

As for the video itself. Is it just me, or are the same deaths shown multiple times..?

Arup022767d ago

I play what i want to play, no need for you to tell me.

egidem2767d ago

Arup02, If you think it's violent, HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED MANHUNT???

ovhaum2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Well... you just need to wait to Lego:Dead Space

I'm really getting into 1ts/3rd person shooters and i think ill buy this. =^]

HD_GAMER19892766d ago

just admit your a pussy and move the fuck along.

i bet you own a nintendo wii and kinect, and have never played the god of war series double facepalm if im right.

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The story is too old to be commented.