Video Game Chartz releases American sales figures for the week ending September 8, 2007

This week, a number of interesting software stories developed, but the hardware status quo remains largely intact. Overall, Wii and DS continue to lead hardware sales – selling over 100,000 – while Xbox 360 has seen a boost to roughly 75,000 per week, and PS2 continues to slightly outsell PS3, while PSP and GBA decline every so slowly from week to week. Nonetheless, the recreation of the $500 PS3 price point, and the 360 $20/$30/$50 price cut/software blitz has seen hardware sales jump dramatically from earlier in the year.

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purin3873d ago

i guess wii-owners do buy games ;)

tatotiburon3873d ago

well xbox 360 outsold the PS3 and just a few days for Halo 3...nice news

xplosneer3873d ago

shows how much THEY care about reviews......
Anyways, good hardware sales for all, and as you saw, a nice jump from last 2 months(but duh summer drought had a lot to do with that)

Shaka2K63873d ago

Is owned by microsoft.
what a joke.

Zhuk3873d ago

vgchartz = garbage that should be banned

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The story is too old to be commented.