Will “Wii” lose the battle or we will see a newer version of “Wii”??? Nintendo Wii was launched in 2006 when the company was facing rough times in since the early 2000s. Soon after its launch it gained large popularity amongst not only gaming community but widened audience on a whole.
Wii was a new console with unique gameplay, instead of going in for a console with advanced graphics and superior processing power (unlike its competitors Sony & Microsoft) Nintendo preferred to tread the uncommon path.

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BlmThug2733d ago

Wii S*cks so yeah They will release a Wii2 in 2011-2012

scar202733d ago

Man do you have to come in every nintendo related article and say it sucks?

velocitygamer2732d ago

Yes he does, until he gets that stick out of his ass of course...

GodofSackboy2732d ago

the Wii does suck. It was the most boring piece of crap Ive ever owned.

BlmThug2732d ago

Actually I Own A Gamecube So I Dont Hate Nintendo Just This Gen Of Nintendo

ChickeyCantor2733d ago

ah yes that makes sense...

You dont like something, so they will adapt to your pattern.

BigSister2732d ago

But Wii do suck... alot. I rather play my precious Gamecube.

Two-Face2732d ago

Super Smash Bros Melee > Super Smash Bros Brawl
Mario Kart Double Dash >>>>>> Mario Kart Wii
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door > Super Paper Mario
Metroid Prime 1 & 2 > Metroid Prime: Corruption
Resident Evil Remake > Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.
Super Mario Sunshine < Super Mario Galaxy

Gamecube > Wii

KillingAllFanboys2732d ago

You suck for being a hater!!! Why waste your time saying it sucks or going on a nintendo article? you have no life dude -_-

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CaliGamer2733d ago

Is the title a question or a statement? Just was a bit confusing.

Gr812733d ago

They already won the battle. This isn't 2006-7..Its 2010-11. Get off it man. Time to accept reality.

acky12732d ago

Sony will win in the end. The ps3 will keep selling until 2020.
Sony 'til I die

xstation792732d ago

Sony is going to be the one to lose this gen. Kinect is making the 360 more popular, and wii as already sold so much that I don't think anyone is going to catch them.

turok2732d ago

sony will not be at ur funeral mate.

Belasco2732d ago

Oh my god die already!

Stealth20k2732d ago

The wii is still outselling everything in every region so this article is stupid

Lou-Cipher2732d ago

Yes, the Wii is outselling everything, but "WINNING" has nothing to do with sales. (Unless your an investor)

PS2 didn't win last generation because it sold the most. (although it did sell the most) It won last generation because it had the best games.

Quality is what wins console wars, not Sales.

turok2732d ago

then n64 won its gen. which it didnt.

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The story is too old to be commented.