Windows Phone 7 Online Multiplayer Now Available

While the Windows Phone 7’s Xbox LIVE enabled catalogue is set to get an update with new releases every Wednesday, it appears that one title slipped through the cracks. Having been available for a few days now, Game Chest: Logic Games has become the first title on the Windows Phone 7 format to offer online multiplayer gameplay.

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Arup022738d ago

Looks cool. Online multiplayer from your phone.

alien6262738d ago

idk why but i dont see nothing really good about this phone i prefer an android phone

egidem2738d ago

Same here. I prefer the Android phone.

Mista T2738d ago

I got the htc evo 4g yesterday. f***in awesome phone

gamingdroid2738d ago

Android is great, except fragmentation will become worse and worse as time goes on.

I like the approach WP7 has taken, not too restricted like iPhone, but not as loose as Android. It just lacks in features (has all the basic ones though) and apps though.

mcstorm2738d ago

I agree with with you I got the HTC hd7 and I have found it to be the best phone I've ever had and I've had my fair share. I moved over from HTC desire and I want for android as I was a big fan of wimo but as it was getting old n there was less n less support for it but the biggest problem with wimo was it was very fragmented on hardware and specks. This is the same problem android is starting to have as some things don't work on other android phones that do on the new ones. Where as WP7 MS hold the devlopment keys and tell the company what spec the phone has to be and that the can put any software on there they want too but following me MS rule which in the long run will work out very good for the os.

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VonAlbrecht2738d ago

Windows Phone 7 is incredible. Easily the best UI I've ever used, and functionality that makes it clear that MS has taken notes from top-level competitors. All it needs is custom ringtones and the capacity to save camera settings and it'll be some kind of... superphone.

ajlopo2738d ago

I agree, I'm really enjoying my HTC Surround. Runs beautifully and new apps every day. Online turn-based multiplayer was announced from the beginning. The multiplayer everyone is waiting for is real time multiplayer, which they said they are working on. anyways so excited for this phone