Creating New IPs Gets Cliff Bleszinski 'Out of Bed'

What get's Cliff Bleszinski out of bed? According to statements made in an interview with OXM, people who love his games. Specifically, those who tweet pics of their "Gears tattoo", or those who approach him "at a bar and [say] they love the game or they have this problem with it".

That's not the only thing though; "that and creating new IP," he laughed.

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Balt 2739d ago

If this dude wanted to show his diversity and strength in the industry he'd ballz up and do something completely different than GEOW or that new FPS junk they're working on.

This guy has a love for Nintendo and the 80's, I get that and I dig that. Give gamers JAZZ again. Do a kids game. Do something tame. Don't go down the pigeon hole and be type casted as "oh, that guy" the guy who makes "those kind of games".

Be different Cliffy.

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Wakes up with gunshots and drinks a cup of steroids while he watches a drill sargent yelling stuff... Full metal jacket,, inspiration at its finest

YOyoYOhoe2739d ago

sweet bacon gets me out of bed in the morning nom nom nom

Bull5hifT2738d ago

Hellz yeah' said the squirrels .... viet viet VIET

theafroman2739d ago

hopefully the next I.P will be multiplatform on pc,ps3 and 360 that is my wish.

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