NCsoft Boss talks New PS3 IPs in 08, Sony Online Freedom over Microsoft's Approach and More

NCsoft North America CEO Robert Garriott expounded on the recently announced partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment that will bring NCsoft properties to PS3. And it seems NCsoft is even more gung-ho about console development than we previously thought.

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TriggerHappy3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Seems some developers are recently leaning towards Sony's online system because of all the freedom you get as a developer.

"We want to make new products using our current, popular Intellectual Properties (IPs) that will take advantage of the console, specifically in terms of user interface, connectivity, and play styles."

New IPs ?

TriggerHappy3744d ago

Two is a lot in todays gaming world Odion. Two also shows an increase in the trend. As it evolves and gets better am sure other developers will say similar Stuff.

Live will be improving heaps as well. Gotta love competition

DrWan3744d ago

If i am NC Soft and looking at the possible amount of players that is going to be online on the PS3 by end of 2008, i would have chosen Sony as a partner, and this is why.

PSN does not charge its user for money, so their free-to-play games and microtransaction as well as monthly subscription models would work just as if they are selling the service on the PC. The users are more willing to pay for the subscription as well, as oppose to MS, where you have to pay for xbox live and now you get rape again for monthly subscription to a MMO? That just doesn't sound very economically friendly to the end users. And MMOs is all about acessibility, once u have the fan-base and things in place, microtransactions alone is actual quite profitable for alot of MMO company.

Odion3744d ago

actually to play an MMO on Live you don't need gold, thanks for being ignorant though.

Also NCsoft has only one big game game Guild wars

DrWan3744d ago

You see, i come to these boards alot, and I didn't know, i wonder how many 'normal gamers' do. To me, Xbox Live = pay = to play online.

PlayStation = free. That's all i know, and that's all i care at this point, unless xbox comes out with a new model that is more reliable then I may pick one up, but that's probably many years later. Maybe when PS4 comes out I'll go retro on the xbox 360 (i am sure by then they would have redesigned a less heat generating and stable console like the PS2 did).


NCsoft's another big name is City of Heroes and some other.

snakeak3744d ago

Tabula Rasa has potential

WilliamRLBaker3744d ago

actually most gamers know this...since the information is widely available in any format...ect

peksi3744d ago

I personally think MS should loosen up their grip of connectivity with Live. Right now they want to be in control so much so that it restricts the developers by shutting out Live users from other online activity (?). This might prove to be disastrous to them in the long run.

Live service will eventually open up in order to compete if it's popularity will be reduced. But on the other hand it will close up even more if it gains more foothold.

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blackrose53744d ago

Odion you are the ignorant game. Guild Wars is not NCsofts biggest game, Linage 2 is fool.

DrWan3744d ago

L 2 is pay to play though, me and my friends use to be on FF11 and L2 alot.

Odion3744d ago

L2 is only big in South Korea and their still only around 200 k globally, Guilds wars is 3 million.

the first Lineage was bigger with closer to a million

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The story is too old to be commented.