John Woo's Stranglehold for Xbox 360 Impressions

Loot Ninja gives you its first-hand impressions for the Xbox 360 version of John Woo's epic third person shooter, Stranglehold.

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drunkpandas3939d ago

I'm looking forward to giving this game a play through. Hearing it's repetitive quickly isn't good though.

fiercescuba3939d ago

so far there was one fun helicopter gun stage but it went on for too long.

Eclipticus3939d ago

okay I didnt read this article as the first sentence threw me off.
I dont think anyone in thier right mind would call Stranglehold epic. its like 5 or 6 hours long isnt it? thats pretty mini to me. Not saying anything is wrong with that, but Epic it is not.
"I am a John Woo fan. Ever since I saw “The Replacement Killers”, I was hooked on his style " um, you must be a big John Woo Fan!! too bad Antoine Fuqua directed this, Yeah the same guy that did Training Day.
Just Cause it has Chow Yun-Fat, doesnt mean its a John Woo picture. Great job on sharing your insights. But if you think The Replacement Killers is a Classic Epic John Woo Movie. I am going to assume, you dont have anything useful to share about him or Chow.
Okay thats it.

fiercescuba3938d ago

He was the executive producer, not the director. So it turns out, you were wrong. Before you flame someone, maybe check out all the facts. I'll thank IMDB for that one. Its epic because its a continuation of the movie Hard Boiled.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Just finished this game and it's a little short took a total of about 4-5 hrs to play. It has multiplayer but it's real laggy right now and not worth playing till they make a patch (if they make one) MP is like the SP game but with no slo-mo. This game is more or less just for those who love Max Payne and are tired of waiting (like a PS3 fan) and need that Max Payne fix. Couple of camera bugs here and there and some of the graphics look a little like launch 360 or worse a PS3 launch game.
If I were a reviewer I would give it a low 8 because of it's Max Payne style gameplay.