European box art and new English screens revealed for Hyperdimension Neptunia

Tecmo Koei Games have have revealed the official European box art, as well as some new screens and artwork images, for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive RPG, Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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Redempteur2910d ago

Another rpg on my list for 2011..

IkaMusume2910d ago

I mean, it looks like Trinity Universe: now with more moe ~de geso.

By the way ~geso, I find it funny how they censored the cleveave the JP box art had.

...~de geso.

Redempteur2910d ago

are you here to comment or to invade ?

do you want me to call chizuru ?

Anyway ..yeah it look so trinity universe but i don't care i've completed trinity universe fully and it was a nice ride .

GigaGaia2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

It seems the release date was confirmed to be february 2011 in North America. Not really confirmed, but there is news starting to surface that the specific release should be the 15th.

Ar Tonelico 3 is coming out in europe on march 25th, but NISA said the NA version would come a few weeks earlier, like Neptunia. Rumors are it's March 15 for AT3 in NA.

For once, I am glad for the people in europe, they don't have to wait that long.

Ruggadagod2910d ago

now nisa knows how to treat it's ps3 fans unlike square enix.

all day one purchases for me before ANYTHING ELSE:

hyperdimension neptunia
ar tonelico 3
disgaea 4

it's the beginning of the rise of ps3 jrpgs. it took a while, but in 2011 it's gonna be a whole lot better.

patterson2910d ago

I think I read somewhere that you can customize your special attack and even add a picture to it so that it shows up in the attack animation. This will be fun to mess around with hehe.

GigaGaia2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

To top it off, Disgaea 4 should come out oversea in summer 2011. Nippon Ichi rocks.

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