Coming to PlayStation Plus: Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Spyro the Dragon

PS Blog: After nearly six months, we continue to see PlayStation Plus grow and deliver compelling content for PlayStation gamers. Over these past six months, we have seen some great content introduced — from the DC Universe Online beta to the NHL GameCenter LIVE Application — that is expanding the offerings for all subscribers. Now we are looking to continue that trend through 2011 with new offerings.

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Typical-Guy2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Still no gaming features, they said they're working on them last year and still nothing! a whole freaking game can be done in this period of time. by the way, it's been a long time since I saw Eric Lambel on the blog, has he been fired ?!

Xilef2890d ago

Well you do have Automatic downloads which downloads patches and firmware updates at a time of your choosing, if you leave your PS3 on standby.

Typical-Guy2890d ago

well this isn't enough since all they've given are games so old or even no one is interested in playing them.have you seen the deals on xbox live the holiday DEALS. we ps plus users didn't get those kinda discounts.

Mmmkay2890d ago

oh noes! I only got Sam & Max Season 3 and Wipeout HD and lots of other shit! Please feel sorry for me! I am so pissed!

GodsHand2890d ago

You could always cancel your subscription, that way, you won't have to get free old games.

Chris3992890d ago

So much whining in here and on the PS Blog. If you don't like hundreds of dollars worth of random shit, then PS+ isn't for you. It's really that simple.

I don't care if a game is a year old, chances are I haven't played it (as my tastes veer toward RPG/ JRPGs only) and it's one of dozens that I get for $50/ 15 months. Period. If you just joined PS+ then yeah, you may not have any value built up yet. But for those of us who joined from the start, we just keep getting more and more stuff.

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christheredhead2890d ago

the games they offer are older games but there are still people (like myself) who want to play them. lead and gold is a game im extremely interested in playing and trying out. the game could be 20 years old and that wouldnt matter. ive never played it before so it will be new to me. age doesnt make a difference. holiday xbox live deals might be great right now but ps+ is a continuing service where you get free items and discounts up to 30-40%. xbox live holiday deals only last the holiday so its really not comparable. as far as features go they do need more but i doubt think they would make certain features like cross game chat ps+ only. they might, but it seems unlikely that if they were to do something like that they would make it for subscribers only. could be wrong though.

Mmmkay2890d ago

Sure, I never even considered buying Lead & gold since Read Dead released at the same time... Getting it now is nice..

theEx1Le2890d ago

Lead and Gold is good. Bought when it launched and the fact that plus users get it means there will be plenty of n00bs filling the servers for me to pwn :)

christheredhead2890d ago

I will be one of those noobs haha. psn = christheredhead. be on the look out.

Terror_B2890d ago

LOL, PSN plus is a farce.

ActionBastard2890d ago

You could at least get the name right.

garrod2890d ago

So is Xbox Live though. And at least you don't need PS+ to play online :p

Kee2890d ago

Sony's PS+ must be comprised of skivers, as they have yet to put any good exclusive features on plus

Chubear2890d ago

Oh features uh? I forgot, a certain console has made people "featurers" and not gamers.

You are given GAMES and you cry about "teh features on that other console QQ"

The quest to turn certain gamers into whinning misinformed idiots has really worked. Marketing is indeed very powerful.

Focker4202890d ago

If I want features I'll use Vidzone, Mubi, Lovefilm, Vudu, Netflix, EyeCreate, the internet browser, or Home. I got PS+ for the games and betas. The LBP2 and DC Universe betas alone were worth the money. I couldn't get into KZ3 tho.

Its less than $1 a week, quit your complaing. Its only been out for 6 months and the amount of content I've recieved is staggering.

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Simco8762890d ago

I will rethink my sub next year...

GodsHand2890d ago

that's only eight days away.

mac_sparrow2890d ago

Well, I can now say I' a PS+ member, joined today. Been holding off since launch as I didn't think I'd get my money's worth. But today I decided to get the 15 month offer while it is still there, partly because I want to play Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves which would cost me almost £5 straight away and is free with plus; the other reason is that I have a feeling that Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 will have some link to Plus.

£40 spent, hopefully I don't regret it, no opinion as of yet though.

despair2890d ago

Uncharted 3 beta PS+ would be crazy :)

Vherostar2890d ago

No doubt PS+ members will be getting the UC3 online BETA.

FunAndGun2890d ago

I don't think you will regret it, but it might take a couple months before the subscription proves it's worth.

Within 15 months I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't get their $50 in content back. Some months might suck, but overall it has it's benefits.

Focker4202890d ago

Download the DC Universe beta, its a blast. I suggest doing it overnight though cause its huge.

mac_sparrow2890d ago

indeed, been finding that out today. Going a lot faster no it's off peak, no traffic shaping. Man I need a new isp.

SonyNGP2890d ago

I hope this means Europe will get Spyro too.


DigitalRaptor2889d ago

I can't understand why it isn't up there. I really want Spyro 1-3 on my PS3 :(

SonyNGP2889d ago

And Crash 2. I can always go out and buy a $10 or $20 PSN card, but I can't be bothered.

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