Halo 3 Sick Day Emails - Drop those TPS reports and finish the fight

WARNING: We take no responsibility in your firing.

Halo 3 rocket blasts its way to stores September 25, packing an exciting single player campaign and most importantly, thrilling multiplayer matches against thousands of trigger happy gamers. Many unfortunate souls, however, must sit at work and daydream about sniping enemies and running them over in a warthog. Save you, of course. Just call out using these emails. We're sure your boss will understand.

Subject: Out, due to illness.

Hello Mr./Miss/Mrs. [insert boss' last name]...

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Jdash243874d ago

really? i cant make it to class that day cuz i feel like im coming down with "The Flood" too, must be going around

HyperBear3874d ago

its a very ill virus walking around the earth, and has an affect on more than a million+ people who will be fighting it on the 25th. Unless your not one of those sick people, then you can have fun going to work or "Collage" (sound like someone familiar, lol)

Delt43874d ago

I made sure a little over a month ago to ask for the 25th and 26th off for vacation. My boss is cool, he knew why i was taking it off and told me i could have it off only if i added his xbl name to my friends list cause hes calling in sick on the 25th and needs a campaign buddy on live. Man i love my job!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3874d ago

Seriously just pre-order it as early as possible and then go to work and such, you would spoil a great game by beating it in one day.

The Chief of Mjolnir3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Sorry, boss. I got a plasma burn. I have to cool it down at the waterfall in Valhalla for at least a week.

RadientFlux3874d ago

joys of freelance web design I can be sick any day I want... probably won't though since I'm really swamped this month.

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