Why Mass Effect 2 is Undeniably Better on PS3

PSUni writes "After playing through both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 multiple times each, ME is without question my favorite new IP of this generation. In fact, if the freshly revealed third installment hits the same high notes of its predecessors, then it might usurp Metal Gear Solid as my favorite franchise ever.

So why, with my dozens of hours of pre-existing 360 save data and a year after its original release, am I so excited to see Mass Effect 2 make its way to the PlayStation 3?"

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HelghastDrake2889d ago

I dont know why people are so suprised. Dragon Age origins was also better on PS3, the PS3 version even scored higher than the 360 version on Gamespot. At this point, if devs still cant develop properly for the ps3 then might i suggest they search for a new line of work.

units2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

but did not run better

NYC_Gamer2889d ago

we'll know which one has the better performance next month

toaster2889d ago

"Why Mass Effect 2 is Undeniably Better on PC"


blitz06232889d ago

I don't care if it's better or not. As long as it looks good, plays well and doesn't load as long as Dragon Age I'm getting it. I played demo and was very impressed. The additional content will only make the game better.

Army_of_Darkness2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i was expecting a dissapointment, but good lord! it was actually really good! sure there was some screen tearing here and there, but its nothing compared to the horrible enslaved game... im picking it up 4 sure.

btw, i thought dragon age was crappy on both consoles.

ps3rider2889d ago

Ps3 version is running smoothly until bioware released the patch which rune everything.
try to play it without patch and see how smooth its on ps3

WildArmed2889d ago

Either way, I recommend EVERYONE pick up DA:O And ME2..
Hopefully if you have the choice, u'll get it for PC.
Otherwise, get it on the console of ur choice.
You won't regret it.
I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 DA:O... ALOT ALOT..

ME2 was amazing too. I preferred the DA:O for it's atmosphere and non-guns gameplay, but never the less, it's still another Gem to come out of bioware :D

I hope most of you guys will/did enjoy DA:O and ME2 as I did.

JohnnyBadfinger2889d ago

Oh yeah because getting off your arse to swap a disc twice is such a game killer/sarcasm

And all the DLC is already available on the 360/PC just not on the disc.

Doesnt matter really, the PC version still wins

el zorro2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

It's good that PS3 owners get to play the game, but I played the demo myself and it is definitely not better than the 360 version. They look the same more or less, but the 360 version runs better.

I am not going to rebuy it for my PS3, but I sincerely hope that those who only have a PS3 do not miss out on this amazing game.


i dont think it looked better than the 360 version just my opinion

Kishin2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


You go play your ME2 on your 2000$ computer. I'll enjoy playing a game DRM free on a 300$ console that will last me nearly 6 years. I'd love to see this on PC ;) *wink wink*

morganfell2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

PC version wins if:

You like the PC.

You don't mind sitting at your desk looking at a smaller screen and do not need the big screen cinema experience.

You live in a dorm and your bed is your couch.

You are one of the rare people that have a PC in the living room.

In that case:

You don't mind wrestling on the couch with a lapdesk for your keyboard and mouse - because 3rd party controller programs just do not work well.

You don't mind the wrist positions of sitting at a lapdesk on the couch.

Your TV has the proper PC inputs.

You don't require the community aspects you can only obtain with a 360 or PS3.

You don't mind dealing with Windows.

You have severe console hate/envy.

I am sure the PC version is fine for some people. Just not, as the sales indicate, most people.

Dude4202889d ago

@ Kishin

lol, I've just spent a little over $500 to upgrade my computer and now it plays many of the recent games on max settings @ 1080p, something you wish your console could do.

Oh and yes I'll be playing ME2 that only cost me $15 with no taxes on Steam. How much did you pay? A whopping 60 bones plus tax? Ouch that must hurt.

Dude4202889d ago

@ Morganfell

- I love the PC

- Too bad I have the option to use my TV as my monitor and play in 1080p, but why use a 1080p only TV when you can go even higher with monitors?

- Yeah because paying for a PC can cost a leg and an arm /s

- You can get a table to put you keyboard and mouse so you don't have to put in on your lap. Lol, you're a noob at installing 3rd part software.

- TV to PC = HDMI, all recent video cards have them nowadays, or if you only have DVI, you can still use a DVI - HDMI adaptor.

- Community aspects? I'm not even going to comment on this. Mod community, nuff said.

I'm not even going to comment on the rest because your post is just plain retarded. I don't know if your joking though, it's hard to see that when you only have 1 bubble.

MeanOldman2889d ago

oh the dudes one that thinmks console gamers dont have money. sales say thas not true. An a table in the living room? did you really say that. dont you know what a lap desk is dude. an even they arent comfortable. I can just see you sitting there on the couch with a table up to your neck like a kid waiting on the mashed peas and carrots. theres been such a fuss on this board about hdtvs. even ms dropped that as a selling point. course most have the inputs but you still got to drag that pc of yours into the living room. you dont know what community aspects mean do you. it aint mods. an heres the biggest mod site on the ionternet. what a great selection of pc mods.

an those mods changed the balance of a game that everyone said was right already.

Anon19742889d ago

Nah, I'm with Morganfell on this one. The cost of keeping my gaming PC current was stupid - and no matter what I was running I would always have issues some game or another. I remember I eventually had to have a program that managed my device drivers, because this game would require different drivers than this game, or this game would only support the old drivers and this game could only handle new drivers - but not THE newest drivers because that made it unstable. It was ridiculous.

Instead, I can slump down in my basement with my 1080p projector, 7.1 surround sound system and 92" screen - lay back, put my feet up on my ottoman, grab a controller and within seconds be in gamer heaven. No device driver problems, huge screen, the freedom of a wireless controller with no mouse or keyboard to have to worry about. That's gaming! The past few months I actually tried to get back into PC gaming and I just couldn't do it. It's just not as relaxing anymore as retiring to my Mancave to play some Assassin's Creed on the couch while my son happily plays with his megablocks in where I can keep an eye on him.

Dude4202889d ago

@ MeanOldMan

"oh the dudes one that thinmks console gamers dont have money"

Oh did I say that? The guy I replied to completely contradicts your statement.

"You go play your ME2 on your 2000$ computer. I'll enjoy playing a game DRM free on a 300$ console that will last me nearly 6 years. I'd love to see this on PC ;) *wink wink*"

This guy is implying that you have to be rich to own a PC, so yeah, think about it for a second.

"An a table in the living room? did you really say that. dont you know what a lap desk is dude. an even they arent comfortable."

Don't you know that there's a table that has legs that slides under sofas? Yeah, you can put your keyboard on that and get another platform in your place for your mouse, it's not hard. Oh and it's not expensive either.

"you dont know what community aspects mean do you. it aint mods. an heres the biggest mod site on the ionternet. what a great selection of pc mods."

Wow, you clearly don't know anything about pc gaming. Actually, mods are part of community because everyone shares their ideas and others gives feedback to see if it's good or not and that's just one thing.

Btw, I wasn't talking about Mass Effect 2 mods, I'm talking about pc games in general, especially Valve games and Battlefield games.

And please, if your going to insult, at least type properly. English may not be your first language, but you can make a better effort than that, all I'm reading is bs.

MeanOldman2889d ago

you were wrong about community so you have to come to grips with that. add more furniture. a table an somethin for your mouse just bring in the whole damn desk while your at it. you dont understand convenience. an you still have to have a pc in there. seems to me your the one trying to make do. you are the one whose idea costs more money. your idea. a extra computer. or doi you drag it in there ever time or maybe its like he said your in a dorm or something. nuff said about the mod stuff ey? embarrassed ey? you took his comment of community aspect and thought that meant mod. you were wrong. you put the word mod in there. he didnt say it he said community aspect an you said mod. now you cant admit your wrong an just say nuff said. i hope you dont hit nothing backpeddling. phooey. an you said you were talkin I'm talking about pc games in general especially Valve games and Battlefield games. this is a ps3 mass effect article. maybe you just had something to say an didnt care if it applied to the column.

Dude4202889d ago

@ darkride

while my son happily plays with his megablocks in where I can keep an eye on him. I can see you're just plainly trying to downplay PC in your post. You do know Mouse and Keyboards are wireless too, so I don't know where this argument came from.


No, that's your opinion of gaming. Gaming to others can be about upgrading to play games in the best graphics. Gaming to others can just be playing their xbox 360 or ps3 without even needing a luxury couch and luxury tv. Gaming to others can be about being competitive and so forth. Don't try to base your comfort as true gaming.

oh yeah and this...

"while my son happily plays with his megablocks in where I can keep an eye on him."

Seriously, you had to bring children into this to try and reinforce your point. Sorry, this isn't going to work, anyone who plays hardcore games know that you can be totally focused on the game and potentially forget about your child. Whether it be on PC or console, it's always up to the person to be watchful. Everyone has a different way of doing things and that's a fact.

Dude4202889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

@ MeanOldMan

Emabarrased? Dude just stop, seriously, I don't even understand half the things you're saying, you're just typing jibberish.

Anyway, I don't think you've heard of the concept of an example. I stated mods as an example of community aspects, so I don't see how I'm wrong. If you feel so smart, then why don't you tell me the advantages of console communities vs pc communities, I'm not even gonna waste my time.

Oh and btw, you want convenience? Just get a controller and plug it into the pc so you DON'T have to use a mouse and keyboard, wow the pc sure is flexible.

It's funny how I try to counter someone with an arguement, all these fanboys flock in here and try to insult pc gaming every way they can, it's quite amusing, have fun people.

Aquanox2889d ago

comes from the perfectly objective website

oh wait...

Ducky2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

You can get ME2 for $10 on steam.
... and it can be played in 3D if you have the setup.

Meh, have fun arguing over who gets the 2nd best version.


MeanOldman2888d ago

its easy to unerstand that you have lost this argument because you had a resort to attacking me on a personal ground. it dont change the fact you were still wrong about community aspects an no amount of backing up is gonna change that. you need to get educated so you go look up community aspects mr smarty pants. here is a hint. it is about people, interaction, and the software an hardware is built around that.

you cant just plug in a controller and it works. did you forget this is a mass effect article. why by golly you did. try google dude. better yet look at the mass effect boards. no one can get a controller to work right. non standard jury rigged crap dont work neither. is like morg said you are one of those guys that live in a one room flat or a dorm cause when you own a house like most people you dont have a pc in the living room. a lot a console gamers have smoking hot pcs that just dont put in the den.

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Blacktric2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"Dragon Age origins was also better on PS3"

Only the textures. Performance wise, it was one of the worst ports of this generation. Hiccups, longer load times, etc. Even auto save logo was sitting on the screen for like 10 seconds sometimes. BTW, Bioware didn't develop Dragon Age for PS3 and Xbox 360. Edge of Reality did (ported actually). Anyway, I'm gonna wait till I see the game for myself before deciding.

RedDead2889d ago

Shit really? I rented the Ps3 version...I thought it ran abnormally bad.

chainer30002889d ago

Owning DA:O on the PC, I was excited to buy the ultimate edition for the ps3 to play through DA:A and all the other DLC on a console... My god, the graphics were very disappointing.

While I love DA, and still play it on my ps3, it was a poorly done port IMO. I have no idea what it looks like on the 360 because I never purchased it for that system, but I imagine it's comparable to the ps3 version.

As it stands, the PC is the clear winner for DA 1 and it's DLC, imo.

WildArmed2889d ago

oh yes, PC was definitively the winner.
I try to pick up all Bioware games for PC (if it can run it smoothly)
Get to see Moriggan in all her glory..

Yeah :)

StanLee2889d ago

Played Dragon Age Origins on console, then played the PC game. It's completely different game on the PC and I mean literally.

ProjectVulcan2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Dragon age just took advantage of anisotropic filtering on PS3, which is generally lacking on most 360 games. As a result the textures on PS3 looked a great deal better even though they were likely identical, its the filtering that made them sharp on PS3 and the lack of which a blurry mess on 360

SaberEdge2888d ago

People always forget that the 360 version had a better framrate and 2xMSAA instead of no anti-aliasing as on the PS3 version. It was a trade off, not a win for the PS3 like some people try to claim.

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Dragon_Hiko2889d ago

I just can't wait to play this game! This game and Bioshock were hands down the two games I wanted more than any others on the 360, and I got them both! I bought the first game for my 'gaming pc' lap top but it it couldn't run it T_T. But whatever don't need the first, I'm pretty excited for this interactive comic for ME2; where you get to make choices throughout the comic to pain the back story for the second game. I'm so stoked!

el zorro2889d ago

I'm glad you are excited. I hope you enjoy ME2 as much as I did.

neo8812889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

There both great games both systems 360/PS3 but the following is my reason why i think the PS3 gets the edge.
1. interactive comic. "granted ME 1 is a great game I love it alot but lets face it drags in the middle of the game and at some parts it feels like a chore to finish this cuts it in half to about 10 mins and you still make key dissensions. Let me refrain that again I love the First game but my point above.

2. All The DLC on disc i dont have to go worry about re downloading or buying through BioWare or what ever to get the DLC everythings all there loaded to go.

3. No disc swapping this was such a major Pain in the a$$ on the 360 mainly due to the fact when ever your doing a side mission or loyalty mission you would have to switch to disc 2 than switch back to disc 1 for the main part no more switching with the PS3.

Granted the looks are a bonus but I all ready Love this game and no matter what I'll add it to my PS3 collection

hassi942889d ago

What kind of gamer are you? You'd PREFER to skip through the main story points of a game instead of playing it through. Why!? The connection you make with your Shepard character is amazing. I watch my brother play Mass Effect 1/2 and I can only think to myself "that's not the real Shepard". You make a fantastic connection to the characters and parts of ME2 are all the more memorable for the fact that the stuff that old characters do and say resonate with you because your character has had a long relationship with them.

Motorola2889d ago

how do you question one's status of a gamer if they dont want to play the story? The comics good enough i dont want to shell out 60 for ME 1

Big_Dom2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

You must be high on glue if you prefere an interactive comic to a fully fledged game where your decisions alter the experience. I don't care what anyone says, but to play ME2 without playing the original is doing yourself a massive injustice and there is almost no point in doing it as you're missing out a terrible lot of the trilogy's experience. It's like jumping into Star Wars at the Empire Strikes back without seeing the original, or picking up and reading The Two Towers without reading The Fellowship. Same difference. Pretty pictures don't and cannot equal a substitute no matter what Bioware tell you.

room4142889d ago

@ big dom

Interesting comment seeing how the Star Wars movies started at episode 4 and Lord of the Rings is the sequel to The Hobbit.

Big_Dom2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

@ above

So let me get this correct - Star Wars, at least chronologically, started as a trilogy in 1977, but somehow the films (according to you) started in 1999? I'm not talking about the hatchet job/butchering of the originals here. When people who remember Star Wars refere to the trilogy, they aren't talking about the disgracful so called prequels, which most don't even recognise.

As for your LoTR's comment, The Hobbit is not part of the LoTR's trilogy. It's more of a prologue. The irony, of course, is that the Star Wars prequel/sequels were written with the events of the originals in mind some 20 years AFTER, wheras the Hobbit came before the LoTR's and is not seen as a sequel as such, but an entirely separate saga.

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jack_burt0n2889d ago

Look at the damage control from the losers lmao, seriously you guys have nothing to post about anymore its damage control and kinect salez.

Look what you have turned into, ur not gamers anymore ur just bitter bags of spite.

The ps3 has the best game on xbox, its all on one disc has all the dlc and looks great.


jarrod19812889d ago

wtf are you talking about troll

Koolno2889d ago

He is absolutly right, how can you deny it ?

multi account disagrees, on a ps3 subject = real troll liars to ban.

k-Lan2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Losers? What happened to getting banned? Ahhhhhhhhhh.. wait a sec. He's a PS fanboy! Makes sense now. Good job mods! lmao! N4G got a bunch of biased douchebags working for them. Probably for free on top of it.

Jack. Everybody already knows the PS fanboys don't play games. They prefer hating on Xbox related news.

ME2 the best game on Xbox? Is that a FACT Jack?!! lmao!


When was the last time you were in a 360 related article? what? stfu two faced loser

Motorola2888d ago

According to Metacritic ME2 is the best Xbox game. Dont all 360 fanboys use Metacritic too... lol

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visualb2889d ago

don't games on different platforms get reviews from different platform based reviews thus it depends on them?

say, if xbox360magazine gives a multiplat game a lower score than ps3magazine its average would be lower, even if it has nothing to do with the other platform

thats what I feel anyway

either way, dragon age WAS said to be better on PS3, but i dno I only ever played it on PS3 so wtv

like it matters. a great game is a great game. don't let idiots who boast their consoles versions superior turn us real gamers into rats like them

Dark Collosis2889d ago

I really dont give a rats which runs better. I played both on my 360 and they are by far IMO the best games this generation. Good for you PS3 only owners finally get to experience this great gem. I dont plan on purchasing it again for my PS3, and yes i plan on playing the last one on my 360 too. Expecially considering how this game plays...

showtimefolks2889d ago

come on it better be a better game on ps3 because its a year late to the party

enjoy me1-2 both games are great


avengers19782889d ago

I will not comment on the way the game looks, both versions are great visually. But content matters to me, and the ps3 version of ME2 has included for no extra cost a lot of the DLC that was paid for by 360 owner. And I'm sure it was worth it... the first Mass Effect was one of the main reasons I bought a 360(though I no longer own one)But free additonal content is the main reason the PS3 version is better if at least not on par with the 360 version. Plus mass effect 3 will be on both systems at the same time so wins for everyone.

CWMR2888d ago

No extra cost? You can get the 360 version for less than $20 now. Even if you buy all the DLC it is still cheaper than the PS3 version. The PC version is even cheaper.

It also performs worse on the PS3 than on the 360. Unless you like screen tearing and a highly variable frame rate. The 360 version also has slightly more detailed textures in some places.

Still, if you only own a PS3 by all means buy it and enjoy it. It is one of the best games of the generation. Just don't lie about it being better than the other versions. I will say, though, that you are getting a better deal than those who bought it at the time it came out. You just had to wait a year to get such a deal.

Vortex3D2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Very interesting how some PS3 gamers talk themselves into believing DA: O is better than X360 and ME2 on PS3 will be better.

I played DA:O on both PS3 and X360. PS3 version often drops to poor framerates during battle and cutscenes.

ME2 demo on PS3 also has poor framerates which is quite surprising after all hypes having better "graphics".

So, I guess having all the contents on one disc is more important than not having good framerates?

Just waiting to see how many fanboys are going to disagree now with my comments. I like to hear why not having good framerate isn't important.

Koolno2889d ago

Look at all the regular xfanboyz, units, el zorro, toasted, etc it's their best entertainement, multi comparisons (give them occasion to forget exclusives) :)

when it's the same game, xbox "superior version, yeahh we win", when it's better n ps3 "pc is the best version" LOL.


Dorwrath2889d ago

Dude you and your Sony fanboys are no different. You always forget the PC when your making statements the Playstation has the best graphics of any gaming platform.

Your all as bad as each other.

Motion2889d ago

Didn't I read that the PS3 port of ME2 is using the ME3 Engine? That would probably explain it...

Motion2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


"One of the first things you're going to see is improved graphics," Houston said. "We actually created the engine for Mass Effect 3 and used that to make Mass Effect 2 PS3. So we took the content, the story and all of the other assets that made up Mass Effect 2 and we put it into the Mass Effect 3 engine."

Disagree with Bioware all you want, its not like they know how they made their own game ;p

Vherostar2889d ago

The video in the article is a good one too

You should watch if your not gonna see article.. This is from the demo vs full game.. If you havnt seen any comparisons so far this is a good one.

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femshep2889d ago

ermmmm the demo of me2 on ps3 was terrible bad textures and super screen tearing.....the cutscenes were prettier tho

bioware has a lot of stuff to work on before me3

worldgames2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I was going to say I played the demo today too and it didnt seem to look that great I havn't played the 360 version to compare it though.

Noticed a bit of screen tearing and I thought the cut scenes looked ordinary.

rob60212889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I did my own little comparison since I have both, they look very similar, there's screen tearing on the PS3, but all in all it's hard to declare one a winner over the other, the PS3 version seems to illuminate the faces more. One thing i noticed was it seemed the pop up menus were less aliased on the ps3 and looked better. These are all nit-picking though the game is pretty much identical.

Soldierone2889d ago

There isn't a differnce, the way it looks is how Mass Effect is. I played it on PS3 and the jaggies and all the other stuff that I noticed was also on my copy for PC. Granted at high settings the PC version plays a little better, but this 360 to PS3 comparision crap needs to stop. Its coming to PS3 be happy, its a stellar game, just enjoy it.

Its like when Batman released people were comparing how the cape moved, its friggin stupid and wont ruin the game. To each man his own. I think it looks and plays better on PS3, dont care if you disagree, its my opinion and my money.

bageara2889d ago

so did you compare the PS3 demo to the full retail game in your own personal comparison

Vaud-Villian2889d ago

I was shocked how much screen tearing there was in the cinematic that recaps the story with the illusive man narration. I'm guessing it's rendered in real time since there is no way they would pre render with that much tearing. Wasnt anything noticeable in the gameplay or actual game cutscenes though.

jack_burt0n2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

That is xbox footage of the first game lol

@femshep thats the total opposite of reality lmao why bother making crap up.

DavePSU2889d ago

It's very possible that the demo is from an older build like a lot of demos are.

Achemki2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

SUPER screen tearing and TERRIBLE bad textures?! Wow. The framerates were higher for one, but thx for coming out. Stick to Facebook.

jneul2889d ago

lol really i just played on it and had a screen tear in the cutscenes here or there, but the gameplay was really smooth for me, and the game does look better as well, but it doesn't matter because uncharted 2 and gow iii still rules all

CWMR2888d ago

If you didn't notice the screen tearing throughout the demo you must either have poor vision or you are an extremely undiscerning person. But I doubt that because you rightly recognize how good Uncharted 2 and GOW3 look.
I think you are just a diehard fan of the PS3 trying to believe what you want to believe.
The tearing was present in most areas of the game. Most of the time it was up near the top of the screen, but it still took me out of the experience. The other thing I didn't like was the choppy frame rate. As you move the camera around there was so much hitching and stuttering.

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clearelite2889d ago

Exactly, we wont know until the full game is released. I can tell you that Lens of truth pics of the game are not accurate though. I am playing through the PS3 demo right now and it is clearly more detailed than the shots on LOT.

Rainstorm812889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

ive beaten ME2 on 360 and recently played the Ps3 demo the game definatly looks better on PS3....but the demo has some issues, the cutscene dont run smooth at times, then when on Omega when you have the choice to save the Bataran(i know i messed up the species name)..He goes to give him the medi-gel and i didnt press the button to save him.... then he dies anyway...there are a few tweaks needed but who knows how old this demo is.

@DISAGREERS - Hey its true.....*shrugs shoulders*

clearelite2889d ago

LoL why are people disagreeing with Raiinstorm and I. They must not have been played the demo. Just look at the vid I posted. It's clearly more detailed on a proper television.

el zorro2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The reason I disagreed with you is because I think you are wrong. Of course the PS3 version looks better at full size on an HDTV than it does in a small screenshot, but so does the 360 version.

I played the demo last night and switched back and forth between it and the 360 version. There were a few minor differences in the visuals, but it wasn't a case of one being better than the other, just different. I actually preferred the way the 360 version looked, but that is just a matter of taste.

But what is certain is that the 360 version ran better. The PS3 version has screen tearing both in the cinematics and gameplay sections, and the frame rate is all over the place, up and down which causes it to feel unsteady and less responsive. I saw no tearing in the 360 version and the framerate didn't seem to fluctuate so much.