New MKast for Mortal Kombat 2011

Realm of Gaming has posted the latest MKast from the development team NetherRealm Studios on the latest Mortal Kombat game.

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quanchi2854d ago

Who would your favorite tag-team combination be?

RedDead2854d ago

Sub zero and Scorpion. If you can't decide who's more badass, use both.

zeeshan2854d ago

Kratos and Scorpoion
Kratos and Liu Kang
Kratos and Kung Lao :D

Sub-Zero852854d ago

Either Sub-Zero & Raiden or Sub-Zero & Ermac

Sub-Zero852854d ago

I wanna see Ermac & Kratos in action already !!!!!

GFahim2854d ago

robot smoke with sonya!

ZombieKiller2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

There is a pic around one of these articles that has a pic of Ermac vs. Kratos.

I'm SO glad this game exists and furthermore how the devs are giving the PS3 special treatment in which it so rightfully deserves.

MK has always been my favorite (except MKvsDC). I own all the games and can play em all on my ps3.

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