Epic Explains Why Early Access to GoW3 Beta is Important

In other Gears of War news, of the third variety though this time, following the announcement that the 'Epic Edition' of Bulletstorm would ship with exclusive early access to the Gears of War 3 beta, Gears' Executive Producer, Rod Fergusson, dived onto Twitter to tell you why getting early access is more important than you think.

"Reason #1 why early beta access matters - there is a ceiling on how many players will get in. Getting in early guarantees you get in at all," says Fergusson on Twitter. "Reason #2 - we will have an exclusive in-game reward that will require a high level to achieve. Earlier access means more time to level up."

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hougigo2887d ago

And yet another reason for me to buy bulletstorm

lex-10202887d ago

Personally. I think that the "Get Early Access" thing is just a gimmick to get people to buy bullet storm. Much like the crackdown/Halo3 and ODST/Reach combos. I think Bullet storm will be fun, but to me it seems more like a rental than a purchase. But to each his own.

hougigo2887d ago

Very true.... i was just going to get the normal edition of the game... but with this gears 3 beta i have the urge to buy the special or collectors edition now. I mean, i don't know the price of it yet, but so long as it isn't a 150 dollar edition... i'll be fine with it. I think the game will be alright, seems entertaining and with Gears 3 pushed back to fall... i'm open to another game in early 2011

lex-10202887d ago

From what I have read I believe that the EPIC edition is the same price as the standard edition, only in limited quantities.

FantasyStar2887d ago

Am I the only one that initially registered the GoW3 acronym as 'God of War 3' and instinctively thought, "didn't God of War 3 already come out?"

bozebo2883d ago

GoW3 has been out for ages :P