Kingdom Hearts 3D's story is on par with the numbered titles, will contain a shocking ending

Tetsuya Nomura has revealed new details about Kingdom Hearts 3D, commenting on how it isn't Kingdom Hearts III, discussing the game's story quality, and its ending.

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jaredhart2462d ago

Nice! Looking forward to this game!

FlyWestbrook2462d ago

Birth by Sleep was good, don't disappoint me Nomura.

ReservoirDog3162462d ago

BBS was great*

And this, along with MGS3D, is why I have to get a 3DS.

Jeez 2011 is gonna be expensive...

SupahJ2462d ago

Shocking ending? Well, if it leads into KH3, I'm all for it.

FlyWestbrook2462d ago

That is the million dolla question

adamant7152462d ago

Nope. Nomura will just make another spin-off and claim that it's "so important to the KH story."

jazzking20012462d ago

cool but i still want KH3 already

Valay2462d ago

As do I, actually! Although, I'm very, very pleased that we're finally getting some new worlds in 3D. Perhaps they'll finally work on III after 3D... Or not... We'll see.

Rybnik2462d ago

They will start KH3 after they finish (or get close to finishing) Versus XIII, since it is the same team....

Ravage272462d ago

i really really don't want to buy a new piece of hardware, but this game makes it a hard decision to make :(

Oh well, i might end up buying this with PSP2 next year after all...

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The story is too old to be commented.