Dead Space 2 Demo Gameplay Video and Impressions

PS3Attitude: The first Dead Space was a brilliant game that brought fear and anxiety to another level. If the demo is any indication, the sequel is going to be just as good, if not better than the original. Were you expecting otherwise? Probably not.

If you haven't had a chance to try the demo for yourself yet, we have a gameplay video that shows you just how exhilarating and terrifying Dead Space 2 truly is. Oh, and Isaac goes a bit crazy attacking babies. Hey! They came after him first!

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Hozi892910d ago

Recently played the demo...So far it's awesome...I got stuck at that one part where you have to use you tool to move the machine around the spinning sphere or whatever it is.

PS360PCROCKS2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

bit confusing yup, me too. basically hit the button on the machine, than use your stasis to pull down the things from the ceiling surrounding the spherical moving object. Look up and you'll see glowing icons on each side of the machine hanging down from overhead. After you pull down the first 2 others will come down surrounding the sphere and have the icons as well. pull one down and than use the slow down time function (name anyone?) and run to another and pull that one down and than slow it down and go the 3rd one and than you get zero-gravity and you're good. After that go through the fan overhead.

Sounds confusing, hard to explain, pretty easy to do.

edit:: Haha yeah I went up by accident and got shredded by the fan and than realized where to go.

Delriach2910d ago

Yeah, the first time I played the demo I had no clue what to do. lol

egidem2910d ago

Nah, I quickly figured out that part. The part that I couldn't figure out was reactivating the artificial gravity after manually hacking those arms that stop the sphere thing. After that, I had no clue until I remembered pressing the right stick shows you where to go next!

Spitfire_Riggz2910d ago

I actually got crushed by the very top part that opens and releases that capsule, it was very unexpected!!

Hozi892910d ago

haha...damn, I was doing everything except stasis ability. Thanx!

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did you guys play the first ?

I mean I could see how anyone who has not played it would get confused, but I thought anyone who has played the first would find it the sort of standard dead space puzzle.

Dead Space was my Favorite New IP this gen ( yes even more then Uncharted..someone asked me that last time I made this same statement )..

I have a few grips with it, but they are more cosmetic issues. Little things that I just thought looked cooler in the first. I can see they have made very little changes to make it just that little bit easier for the noobs.

example would be the Linegun ( the big version of the Plasma cutter ) in DS1, it had 4 independent beams which depending on what distance you were would spread out accross a surface. I thought it was both a really cool effect and at the same time it made aiming with it a little tricky at times..which was a good thing after all it's not meant to be a gun in the first place, just a cutting tool.

Now you see the 4 beams, but just vanish into a single line wish does not change. in other words it's a lot more like just a regular guns reticule except it's just a straight forward line so you know you are shooting a beam aimed matching it.

it's only a little thing I know, and it's nit picking.. I know. but it was those little touches that sent the first game right into my no1 spot.

on another note, the way you move through zero G, Awesome ! The graphics are great but I thought some things looked a little too smoothed out at times. I thought the first dead space was one of the best looking games this gen, especially when you consider it was multiplat - I think it really didn't get the credit it deserved in that department.

I am looking forward to the next chapter for sure. I played and finished dead space about 7 times, the most I have done for any single campaign this gen. so this is the game I am looking forward the most 2011 along with Duex FX.

NotChrisHansen2910d ago

LOL, me too. I didn't know what to do cause my TV isn't HD and the words are just too small

HellzAssassin2910d ago

My only complaint... the camera moves too damned fast.

Spitfire_Riggz2910d ago

Yeah I was holding L1 throughout the whole thing. You need to be holding up that flashlight anyway!!

PS360PCROCKS2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

awesome demo. Btw lens of truth blow butt hole, PS3 version looks great, their screens aren't a good representation.

edit: Game seems even on both platforms. But the screens I saw for the PS3 didn't look nearly as good as they do on my TV.

Delriach2910d ago

O_o I'll have to check the article and see what they say. This game looks fantastic, so I can't imagine much criticism.

JAMurida2910d ago

I liked the demo. Kinda felt like they put little improvements, "kinda", but overall still pumped for this game. I still wish they would of concentrated on a co-op mode for the game or something co-op instead of multiplayer online. I'm sure everyone would agree that there is no reason why games these days shouldn't have a co-op element to them.

PS360PCROCKS2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

oh god no! We've seen what co-op does to games like this! Resident Evil 5 ring a bell? This is a game best played alone with a beer, some popcorn, sound up and the lights down.

JAMurida2910d ago

I personally thought the co-op feature in RE5 was good and don't see how it having co-op was a negative to the game.

Before I ask this, I'm not trying to lash at you, make fun of you or whatever, I'm just trying to understand from your perspective, but I would really like to know why you thought co-op in RE5 made it bad?

hankmoody2910d ago

Agreed. Played the PS3 Multiplayer beta and I could've done without it. It was fun for a bit but got old quick. The surround sound was sick, though.

Philoctetes2910d ago

There's no reason to have co-op in a horror-oriented game. Co-op ruined RE5, since if you wanted to play single-player, you had to babysit Sheva all day.

rbluetank2910d ago

sold just sold on this game!!! it looks great and they stepped their game up a notch!!! great job VIS/EA. i am getting this game for my ps3....

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