Black Ops Patch 1.05 Doesn’t Satisfy Many PS3 Players

Early this morning, Treyarch and Activision released Patch 1.05 to correct the pressing problems affecting the PS3 version of CoD: Black Ops.

Patch 1.05 was designed to fix many of these issues…but PS3 owners are still not satisfied and many claim the problems still exist.

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DavidMacDougall2589d ago

Yeah i got a couple of games but 3 times in a row it tried to find a host in the middle of a game? Then crashed my PS3, what a joke!

Then there was the weird thing that i couldnt make a party, every invite to my friends was an error, took 10mins to get 3 of us together.

blitz06232589d ago

I'm trading in my copy soon. CoD was never my cup of tea, but I thought to give this one a shot, but all it did was just confirmed that I really didn't like CoD. What a waste of money

Pixel_Enemy2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I am glad I didn't waste my money on this crap game on release. I mean its the same thing year after year and after so many games using the same damn formula they still can't get it right? I will probably end up getting a used copy after Christmas since all of my friends are getting it for Xmas, I just hope its fixed by then..

visualb2589d ago

but but guys...

"its your NAT settings...srsly"

I_find_it_funny2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

this is f&*king ridiculous !!!!!!!!

who programmed this thing? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ?!?!

I didn't buy it, as Cod is not my thing, but I feel bad for my fellow ps3 gamers, who are SCREWED by Treyarch and Activision, those dumb f&*ks designed the game for XBL, and then ported to PSN, but hey those are different networks and shit doesn't work same way you lazy sellout bastards.
It's not minor problems, it's GODDAMN UNPLAYABLE, I call this a theft, they stole people's money saying it's a good game, and thats obviously not true

Yay for Bad Comapny 2 and DICE

and guess what next Call of duty will be exactly same thing, why even bother with ps3 version you f&*king sellouts

LoVeRSaMa2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

At lest my PlayStation does not restart when I try and quit the game after it fails to load into a game..


How dare they.

Its not like they have been using the exact same engine since 2007, they have barely changed anything, yet they can't even get the multi-player as good as COD 4 which was released in 2007.


SeanRL2588d ago

Cool, maybe you guys shouldn't have bought it then.

2588d ago
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danmachine2589d ago

the best advice i can give to people having problems is to trade it in and buy Bad company 2 along with the vietnam dlc.

you will be alot happier.

SnukaTheMan2589d ago

Bullcrap....forget it if you want to trade it....I had many problems selling it used because people have to buy a online multiplayer pass....I say forget them and just go with killzone 2 or even mag...

Soldierone2589d ago

Yes because EA is the devil for getting what is theirs, its Gamestop that didn't work a deal with the developers to give a percent of the profits of used sales to them. The money belongs to EA, blame Gamestop for stealing it and making it a problem.

Not like Gamestop selling used games and new prices can't afford that.

The_Claw2589d ago

@SnukaTheMan a online pass is NOT required to play BC2 online. the vip pass gives you access to extra maps, but is not in the least bit required. However if you decide to buy it used, you can get a vip code on ebay for super cheap. I recommend buying a used copy through gamefly. Its only $20 bucks right now and comes with a vip code.

darksied2588d ago

Completely agree. I got BC2 for the PC for super cheap (like 10 bucks on the EA store on sale). I hadn't played a competitive pc shooter since UT 2004, so it took a bit of time to get back into it :) But I can honestly say that I'm enjoy it, where I always had a pre-conceived notion and assumed I would hate all of those "army shooters" (bad company, socom, CoD). The game is really fun though, and this is the first time I have bought DLC for a game (Vietnam).

I would recommend everyone to give it a try, especially since you can get the game for cheap now, even used.

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Anarki2589d ago

That video made me rofl xD

Bull5hifT2589d ago

I have this weird problem where the main menu goes soooo friggen slow... Ill record it and post it on youtube , when i delete the 25 mb of cache it works but i cant go online... Plus when i delete the chache and it goes back to version 1.0 i can play 4 player splitscreen
Offline, but after the update i can only do 2 player online and if i want to play oflline it wont let me.... Damn people praising it too early

GodofSackboy2589d ago

That video is awesome. Luckily I didn't buy Black Ops. And I'll never buy a COD again.

NickIni2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

My Black Ops doesn't even work. Freezes a few seconds into the Treyarch screen thing. Works fine on my friends PS3s, just not mine, and, surprise surprise, 1.05 still hasn't fixed it.

Last CoD game I ever buy

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jaredhart2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Microsoft out and said it would be better on their system.

Pisses me off because I own a PS3 as well and I hate seeing it getting shafted.

How Am I a troll, I play my PS3 more than my Xbox?

El_Colombiano2589d ago


I play on my PS3 completely perfect.

hamburger1232589d ago


You wanna balloon?

Scotland-Tha-Brave2589d ago

Well i am a ps3 fanboy, and you are speaking complete shit El_colombiano. The PS3 version is gimped with lag, low fps and party disconnections, also Hard freezes which result in switching ps3 off.

smashman982588d ago

I have this game for ps3 and i honest to god havent seen any of these problems. Im not saying they dont exist but ever since launch ive been fine. On another note i also played the 360 version at my friends house for a few hours and the only difference that caught my eye were slightly better visuals

Silly gameAr2589d ago

I heard the 360 was having it's fair share of problems too.

Motorola2589d ago

I heard PC was having problems too

theonlylolking2589d ago

I heard all versions except the wii are having problems.

Tunerboy87322589d ago

The hit detection is my biggest issue with the 360 version.The fact that I shoot a guy nine times in the chest and he has time to pull his pistol out and kill me.That's bullshit!The last stand perk should removed from the game period.

jwk942589d ago

Compared to the ps3, how're the PC and Wii versions doing?

ps3rider2589d ago

wii is the best version, has no errors

sak5002588d ago


U heard wrong so stfu if you havn't played on LIVE. I've lvl 49 1st prestige the Xbox doesn't have any of these issues. Every 10 or so matches there are 3 or 4 times host migration happening, the party still goes on and what not and we all still have good connection.

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Sandwich Bender2589d ago

These problems are only exacerbated by the developer keeping quiet on the subject.

darksied2588d ago

Completely agree. At least when Gears 2 was having problems, I think the dev's would post in the forums and get feedback (even though it took them forever to fix it).

I would hope it would bother them that 9 out of 10 posts (at least) on their own ps3 forums are hating on the game and complaining about problems, but still their community manager just tweets about random crap ...? It's like they don't even care what the people think.

MGRogue20172589d ago

I find it very odd that only PS3 players are having all of these problems...

saint_john_paul_ii2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

thats what happens when you port.

MW2 had its glitches, but it wasnt as gamebreaking as this, on top of that the graphics were on par with the 360 version. there was no lead platform.

MGRogue20172589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Having said that... I do have my share of problems on my 360 version, mainly disconnections from matches.. especially when I was doing so well.

It really is the equivalent of a slap to the face.

I haven't been on the game for a while so maybe shits been fixed.. but I very much doubt it.

SnukaTheMan2589d ago

you get kicked when you kill a team member 3 but it happens.....

elmaton982588d ago

It happened to me too, when I'm doing real good in any match, sometimes it kicked me and only me out of the match while I see my friends still playing

NYC_Gamer2589d ago

how many patches will it take to fix this broken game

hamburger1232589d ago

I sure hope not because every patch that is comming apperently makes the game (even) worse

darksied2588d ago

I was about to say the same thing. You better HOPE it gets fixed in 1 patch now, because if it's more, the game's going to turn into bug soup.

sak5002588d ago


You mean for Ps3 or this particular game?