New videos of Crysis Beta running at 720p in DX9

Jonelo, a forum member of recently posted some videos of Crysis Beta running at 720p in DirectX 9. You may need to install DivX Web player to view or download these videos.

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Ahmadinejad3939d ago

Any info on the beast thats running this??

ShiftyLookingCow3939d ago

check the credit url
"8800 gtx + c2 2750 mhz and AA 8x" and also Very High settings are grayed out in Beta, perhaps to make it a smaller download.

Ahmadinejad3939d ago

hehe thats a hell of a system, gotta see how it urn on mine when demo si released

Stella3939d ago

What an underwhelming set of gameplay videos.

To think that this is supposed to be the pinnacle of x86 PC graphics tech running on very expensive hardware relative to a 500 dollar PS3. Killzone 2 absolutely destroys this game graphically.

The Crysis guys love to put out those fancy 'tech demo' videos that get all the pc fanboys drooling over stuff that will never be in the actual games. Crysis is like a restaurant where the owners put a whole bunch of stuff like filet mignon on the menu but they actually only serve burgers.

Wingen3939d ago

Yeah, it's too bad that us PC gamers can't get our pinnacle games at a maximum of 30 FPS at 1280x720 like others do.

JsonHenry3939d ago

The game is running in DX9, not DX10. And the game STILL looks better than your wannabe killer ap Killzone 2.

i Shank u3939d ago

killzone 2 has nothing on this game's grphx , killzone 2 uses smoke and mirrors to try to get to this game's level of grphx, anyone who sees with their eyes knows what game technically has better grphx

deadeyes993939d ago

you are a true idiot and an obvious retarded fanboy, go listen to media some more mmkay?

Bolts3939d ago

You're obviously a dumbass who can't tell crap from cookies. Stop breathing my air.

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uxo223939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Kinda off topic, but...

Too many PS3 games are coming out that are not making it to 1080i and 1080p. What is going on, I can't play Motorstorm or Resistance because the don't support 1080i. Can someone tell me if Lair does. I noticed that Warhawk does and I bought it yesterday. But, this is getting scary, cause I am not getting ready to buy another TV so that I can have 720p.

masterg3939d ago

All 720p games can be show in 1080i.

What you are talking about is 1080p. Which is a pure image and not up scaled like 1080i.

But it really doesnt matter. 720 looks awesome. You would have to sit inches from the television to see a real difference.

JsonHenry3939d ago

480 i/p, 720p, and 1080i can all be upscaled to 1080p. Just because something says 1080p does NOT mean it is not upscaled. I have a 1080p tv and all my 360 games run upscaled at 1080p even though none of them are rendered internally anything remotely close to an actual 1080p image.

uxo223939d ago

No sir, I am NOT talking about 1080p. Whenever I try and play resistance or Motorstorm, my PS3 just sits there and does nothing. I actually have to reboot it inorder to get my ps3 to work again I have to hold down the power switch to force a shutdown.

Now on the back of warhawk it says 720p & 1080i. This game plays fine on my PS3. However ANY game I put in my PS3 that says "HD 720p Only" I get the blank screen. Do you think I may have a defective box or is this the way the PS3 behaves when used on a TV that doesn't support 720p?

Thanks in advance.

jay23939d ago

Is there any way of getting into the Beta?

ShiftyLookingCow3939d ago

you need to be a File Planet Subscriber

i am going to wait for demo on Sept 25

xc7x3939d ago

Looks nice but i was expecting something way beyond console visuals and it isn't,but that's what hype does to everyone :-(

ShiftyLookingCow3939d ago

its neither running at max settings nor DirectX 10, they were disabled for the beta, so dont be quick to judge it yet.

xc7x3939d ago

i don't think it'll improve it drastically i.m.o.

deadeyes993939d ago

its DX9 and totally not at full specs and it already blows anything you can compare it to so wtf you talking bout?

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