IGN: Top 10 3DS Games of 2011

Selecting a group of ten 3DS titles to be excited about in 2011 was a bit of a challenge. Why? Because IGN literally has no idea what's coming and when.

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eagle212912d ago

Hoping all these release in 2011. :)

ColdWinter2912d ago

Most of those games are just remakes of games we already played. Where is Phoenix wright x Layton. When that game was revealed i was totally blown away. heres the trailer

RockmanII72911d ago

hate to burst your bubble but the Pheonix Wright x Professor Layton game isn't supposed to be coming oversea's.

ColdWinter2911d ago

well if its not coming overseas then it's a damn shame but that won't stop me from playing it

silkrevolver2912d ago

It’s nice to see. Also, I don’t mind all of the remakes. To be honest, I WANT a reason to go back to OoT.

RockmanII72911d ago

Needs more Animal Crossing, if Animal Crossing is coming out in 2011.