GameSpot: Flat-Out Worst Game of 2010

"While there are often many great games released each year, there are usually many more terrible ones. This category calls out some of the very worst games of 2010.
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Serjikal_Strike2734d ago

Fighters surprise there!

Black-Helghast2734d ago

Well i was expecting Final Fantasy 14 but sure, Fighters Uncaged it is. :P

Dr_Nefarious2734d ago

Fighters Uncaged, lol. Nothing in the world like throwing a left jab to watch your own character upper cut himself and get knocked out. great game folks!

BiggCMan2734d ago

That game was ass, I agree.

Quagmire2733d ago

It was playable, not outright bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.