1UP: 2010 Sleepers: The Best Games You Didn't Play

The sheer volume of game releases, both on shelves and onto hard drives via digital distribution, can stagger even the most hardcore gamer. Who has time to check out every game when mammoths like Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, and so forth are taking up most of your gaming time? So of course, plenty of fine titles fall by the wayside while everyone consumes the megahits.

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deadreckoning6662736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I finally bit the bullet and got Yakuza 3 yesterday. I'm having a blast. The story starts off REALLY slow, but if u have a little patience it pays off. I've been playing for 11 hours and I don't think I've even reached 2% completion

morganfell2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

An absolutely amazing game. Incredibly deep storyline. I have played them since the beginning. But for the newcomers the remembrance opportunity at the tomb will get you up to speed.

Darksiders was a phenomenal title that was overlooked by far too many people. Great story from Joe Mad.

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Simon_Brezhnev2736d ago

I love Yakuza 3 but the storyline is the weakest out of 1 and 2.

fossilfern2736d ago

Yea I've had Yakuza 3 since it was out but only gotten round to playing it now but the same cant be said for Darksiders :( iv only done that start of that game and its nearly a year since iv had the game :D

showtimefolks2736d ago

and love a great story play yakuza 3

you don't have to play the 1st 2 games to understand there is a option in the game where you can relive the story for the 1st 2 games

and yakuza 4 comes out next year can't waite i do hope we will see the zombie yakuza soon too

Commander_TK2736d ago

Alan Wake. Great game. Dunno why 360 people never talk about it. It's one of the 360's best games. Probably 360's best of the year too!

SnakePlissken2736d ago

2 things that put me off Yakuza 3 a bit. Way too much text, enough to write a novel with and way too many times walking down the street, you get jumped and have to fight over and over. Other than that, it was pretty cool. Reminded of Shenmue somewhat.

Redempteur2735d ago

the fight on the street are the random encounters in jrpgs ... you need them to level up .

Use them to try the various skills you need to master to do the end - game stuff

Bravo42736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Call me crazy, but I bought Yakuza 3 over God of War 3. I love the game. The story, the old-school brawler gameplay, the setting, the characters, pretty much everything suites my likings. I can't wait for Yakuza 4.

Another under-rated game is Just Cause 2. Love the B-Movie feel of the game, and Panau is gorgeous. The story and the voice acting is so bad that its good. Awesome. And there's tons of things to do in the game. It'll take you forever to 100% this game!

But whatever, I'm just glad that I didn't miss out on these gems. My favorite games of this year, honestly.

ian722735d ago

I agree Just Cause 2 is amazing if you like open world games with loads to see and do. I have played 40 hours or so and not even 50% through the game.

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SquareEnixFan2736d ago

I played Deadly Premonition, Enslaved, and Alpha Protocol and enjoyed all three of them. I would have played Valkyria Chronicles 2 but I got rid of my PSP a long time ago.

dgroundwater2736d ago

Getting Enslaved for Christmas, and giving Deadly Premonition. Alpha Protocol looks kind of interesting too.

SquareEnixFan2736d ago

Enslaved is a very fun game. They did a great job on the story and characters. Enslaved is definitely a great game to get for Christmas.

showtimefolks2736d ago

it is a ok with with good story and that's that. don't believe me look at the sames many others feel the same way

if NT held on to the demo many would have bought it but the demo turned many people off

its a game worth $15-20 for the story only its a great rental though

SquareEnixFan2736d ago

I'm not forcing my opinion on anybody but to me Enslaved was a great game. I bought it day 1 for full price and have no regrets.

SnakePlissken2736d ago

Enslaved was an excellent game. Dont try and tell people otherwise, you liar!

Redempteur2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Enslaved had a nice story that was over too quickly , terirble platforming mecanics and awefull battle mecanics

good game ? maybe

great or awesome ? not in my opinion.. here is just too many flaws

TheDivine2736d ago

Loved alpha protocol, enslaved, alan wake was one of the best games ever, and divinity 2 was far to overlooked. Very deep fun long wrpg on the same engine as oblivion but no level scaling, better world but crappy animations. Loved it. Il prob get yakuza 3 after i catch up on games im playing. Darksiders was fun but kind of bland. Resonance of fate is a must, best jrpg this year.

ian722735d ago

I have played Alpha Protocol also and found it a good game. It does have a few little flaws, but good anyway.

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trainsinrdr2736d ago

is dealy premonition a 360 exdclusive?
also where the f**k can you buy amnesia that game isnt in any of my local stores

GameOn2736d ago

Its an xbox exclusive in the west. In Japan on PS£ i believe it's called red seed profile and it might also have english dub or subtitles (sure I remember hearing something like that).

Worth researching if you want it.

I have my 360 copy here but haven't bothered opening it yet so I don't actually know if it's any good.

iliimaster2736d ago

i am at the halfway point in enslaved it starts slow but when it picks up man it picks up good! im deep into the story now and cant wait to see how it turns out def worth a look this game reminds me somewhat of heavenly sword you'll see the characters that pop up love this game so far and worth my 40 bucks

Kran2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Glad Darksiders got some great recognition, although it did get a bigger audience than most of the games on the list, hence why it's getting a sequel, but Darksiders was awesome :D cannot wait until the 2nd!

So sad Enslaved failed :(

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