Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Launch Trailer

The ultimate war has begun.

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Legionaire20053932d ago

and it's a outside environment game!!! The only things that are destructible are the vehicles and the turrets that's it. This game looks dated compared to all upcoming next gen shooters for the winter.

champ4203932d ago

right out of my mouth. Compared to KZ2 and UT3 this definitely looks dated

Daxx3932d ago

Is it just me or does this look a lot like Battlefield 2142? But with a Quake twist on the visuals.

Delt43932d ago

I guess i'm the only one that feels this way but i couldn't care less about environments being totally destructible or graphics that aren't the best ever seen before. AS long as the game is fun and the multiplayer is exciting i will buy the game. I'm a quake fan true and true so i will probably get this anyways but seriously some of the worst and most boring games have all sorts of explosions but they are just repetitive. Quake looks sick! And battlefield games are awesome too ( cant wait for bad company)