GameTrailers: Game of the Year Awards 2010 - Best Platformer

Platformers made a huge comeback in 2010! See which one left the best impression in the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Platformer!

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eagle212641d ago

The Wii had this award in the bag! Super Mario Galaxy 2 wins and the nominees are awesome as well. Well done Nintendo!

TheLastGuardian2641d ago

The Sly Collection didn't even get a nomination? FFFFFUUUUU gametrailers. They nominate the best Wii and 360 exclusive platformers but not the best value in video game history? Bias bias bias.

XXXCouture2641d ago Show
SMOK3xFFx2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

@TheLast Guardian
This is an award for best platformer, not the best value.

Your name is "TLG".
Your avatar is Drake .
Your other picture is Twisted Metal.
Your comment history speaks for itself.

Not every Sony game is GotY quality, sorry. But go ahead and add GT to your list of sites conspiring against Sony.

garos822641d ago Show
eagle212641d ago

Sly Collection? They nominated brand new games...not remakes. :)

TheLastGuardian2641d ago

So what? It came out this year didn't it? It's 3 of the best platforming games ever on any system in HD and 3D with 3 platinum trophys. Too much greatness on one disc not to win platformer of the year or at least a nomination. Would one more nominee really be that bad? I'm sick of Sly games not getting the recognition they deserves.

JL2641d ago

Eagle has a point (and is correct I believe), it's not like the game is new. It's just been "upgraded". Basically, it would be like letting Raging Bull be in contention for the Oscars again just because they're releasing it on Blu-ray this year. Not gonna happen. Nor should it.

despair2640d ago

yea its not really a new game, now if they had a "bang for your buck" category then Sly would definitely be in the running.

life doomer2641d ago

Am I the only one who thinks super mario galaxy 2 is overated and that the first game was better?

NecrumSlavery2641d ago

No the people who did the VGAs are jerks too.

Rage_S902641d ago

i have to agree with this mario is still a the king of platformers if only it had a better story it would be the GOAT

GameOn2641d ago

game of all time im guessing

Ducky2641d ago

Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test?

I think watching someone playing mario can really tell you in which direction their career is headed.

Angels37852641d ago

The guy even says that God of war 3 is amazing "Thanks to the POWER of the playstation 3 hardware" obviously this saying is not just ps3 fanboys blowing smoke.

palaeomerus2641d ago

I would have voted for Donkey Kong Country Returns myself since it plays like a really good Mario World game with better music and awesome stuff going on in the background, but Mario Galaxy 2 was good enough to deserve the prize.