Rayman Origins a no-show for holiday 2010

Rayman Origins, a beautiful 2D adventure created within Ubisoft's UbiArt framework, was scheduled to launch on HD consoles by the end of this year. While the official website still believes that to be the case, it's now clear that the release has been delayed. Planned as an episodic series, Rayman Origins examines the mischievous beginnings of Michel Ancel's famous limber-yet-limbless hero, and his friendship with Globox, a boisterous frog-type ... thing.

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Rampaged Death2916d ago

Such a shame. It looked really good at E3 and I'll be downloading it day one.

ChronoJoe2915d ago

Yea, really exited for this.

I'm not sure I like these episodic released though. I understand why they're done but they tend to be pretty short, and expensive. :/