Kinect: The Future of Gaming?

If you were on Xbox Live this past weekend, you witnessed firsthand the transformation of BW, Colonel Grade 3, to The Spectator -- seen but not heard. He played no Halo: Reach on Sunday and Monday, but he earned 300 G between Kinect Adventures and Dance Central.

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drsnobby2862d ago

kinect is not here to take away the controller,but to augment it.when i bought kinect and tried it out,i gave it no score,but given a ?.it,s up to developers to do what they will with kinect and make a better gaming experience at the same time.

toaster2862d ago

Another classic BIoodmask submission :P

karl2862d ago

i just dont see it..

all games are multiplatform..

and since kinect isnot on the ps3... devs just wont do it.. it would change gameplay to much

maybe if MS had any First Party studios they could do it.. but thats just not the case

Dread2861d ago


i thought kenect launched with like ten (10) exclusive titles last month.

does this fact in any way contradict your statement?

karl2861d ago

well dread..

its quite simple...

your kinect exclusives are not expensive at all..

any studios would make kinect games for a few thousand dollars... its a reasonable amount of money to take a chance

now u let me know when some studios spend 30 to 50 millions in a kinect exclusive..

u let me know when a multiplatform title like maybe call of duty or maybe assassins creed includes kinect support and at the same time it comes out on the ps3.

King-Leonidas2861d ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha hahaahh BLOODMASK?? ahahahahaha

poopface12861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

the boss asks JP how the new game is going and he says, "its the future of gaming." LOL now I laugh whenever I hear that, turd-nugget.

poopface12861d ago

I dont like motion controls.

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Stealth20k2862d ago

kinect is shovelware. Move on

rod_furlong2862d ago

the games, maybe. But if you don't think it's the future of your livingroom's interface you don't have much imagination.

Nicaragua2862d ago

I dont think it is.

Waving your arm around to move through menu's is not a step up from moving your thumb 1cm across a remote control - its a gimmick.

Things take on when they make life easier, not when they do it differently but in a more labour intensive way.

Rhythmattic2861d ago

I shovel it where?

My imaginary shovel and my imaginary hole....

Either way you look at it , Sony tried the idea, MS has encapsulated the idea, and some time in the future, it will work as envisaged...

Just like 3d without glasses, Its sort of there, but so not.

choadley2862d ago

The success of the kinect is going to be based on the software. Other than that there will still be room for traditional controllers because just as an arcade stick isn't good for a first-person shooter not all genres will be good for a motion controller.

PS3gamer4life2862d ago

how its go e the future with suck asss games...Move is the future

Tru_Blu2862d ago

I only own a PS3 and I hope to god Move is not the future. Call me old fashion but I have no interest in the move or kinect. I want to plop my ass down in a recliner and game with a controller not stand up and flail my arms around.

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