Warhawk: Don't Leave '07 Without It (8.9/10)

MyArcadePlanet reviews Incognito's Warhawk.

"Started as a sequel to the PS1's original, Warhawk on the PS3 went gold as an ambitious online-only title. Combining fast, simple combat with a complex network setup, the developers at Sony's Santa Monica studio dropped the solo campaign in order to concentrate on multiplayer, drawing criticism from around the industry.

The result, offered for download on the PSN and in a Blu-ray version bundled with a Bluetooth headset, is a polished title with plenty to offer all varieties of gamers. For casual gamers, Warhawk offers the ability to host your own game or play on someone else's; for your average gamer, the easy-to-grasp control scheme and game types will get them playing and enjoying themselves soon after picking up the controls. For hardcore types, a great ranking system paired with basic clan support (and I emphasize 'basic,' as a slew of improvement is needed before real clan support is realized) and worldwide leader boards adds room for intense competition and enormous replay value."

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Relin3911d ago

...that I took almost two weeks to get this review written. The only time I could pry myself away from the screen was when the servers were shut down for repairs, lol.

nasim3911d ago

It is just too good a game and is the best MP game of all time

WOWHAWK,LAIR and HEAVENLY SWORD ---ps3 will be a killing spree this September

achira3911d ago

this is a very awesome game, especially when the servers are full with 32 ppl.

MikeGdaGod3911d ago

at first zones was my favorite mode, but now i think ctf is my favorite because you really can play any role (air support, turrents, ground support, sniper) and help the team.

zones is still fun but its crazy fast paced, you always gotta keep moving. sometimes i wanna run and gun. sometimes i wanna just sit on a mountain and snipe from afar.

secur1ty9113911d ago

Are you guys receiving medals so on and so fourth? I stopped playing it cuz of this reason and also because I've been working. Is it fixed?

Kleptic3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

sort of...they patched the stat server on the 7th, and now its tracking stats for "most" apposed to not recording stats at all last week...but a lot of people still has issues where it won't record stats for every ranked server...and the rank bug hasn't been touched yet (where it gives you a rank that you haven't earned yet for no apparent reason)...

the forums have reports of a patch arriving by 5pm pacific time wednesday the 12th (tomorrow) to fully fix the entire rank system...which is also said to be causing the game full error on ranked servers...its all part of the problematic rank server...however it has not been confirmed on how this patch will be it a download to your PS3, or another server side fix (users who called SCEA have reported both types)...if its server side again, this will be the third one...hopefully its like the saying goes, and its a charm...

crippler6663911d ago

I have to wait 9 more days..... DAMN IT..... Then it should arrive on disk.....

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