Halo 3 headset only for 17 and up. What?

If you are looking to pick up the new Halo 3 headset from Gamestop or EB Games, you're going to get ID'ed, assuming the store clerks are doing their jobs.

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Alymon3876d ago

The headset is likely being considered rated Mature because the game itself is rated Mature.

I'm not sure they should really card for it.... but I don't blame them for doing so and I don't think it's worth reading too much into it.

ArduousAndy3876d ago

the 360 halo skin is not rated M neither are the controllers. So far its just the headset.

Syko3876d ago

Finally someone is taking a stand against whinning, glitching little 12 year olds. That scream "You SUCK you F'n n00b!"

First time I actually agree with Gamestop. Now if only we could make this a standard.

Cat3876d ago

and so am i. ;) lol.

i can't imagine a situation where i would let my future, hypothetical kids play an m-rated game online, between the idiot 12yr olds and the idiot adults acting like 12yr olds.

that said, the games rating system is to be much lauded for the lengths it goes to to self govern, but there's always going to be parents that don't care/are clueless. so for those kids, they'll be getting headsets.

boodybandit3876d ago

I would pay BIG $$$ per year to not have to deal with kids online.

G_CodeMonkey3876d ago

I'd pay $75 per year just to have some reliable age restrictions of 18+, 21+, 30+... Unfortunately, with parents who buy their 10 years olds Gears would likely let them on there also (hence the "reliable"). gCM

Tsalagi3876d ago

I've still met more annoying 20 year olds online than little kids(I'm in my 20's so save the b!tching).Matter of fact one of my favorite friends on live is a 12 year old. It always brings a smile to my face when he kills someone and they know a kid is beating them. They start screaming and whining like they are kids themselves.The little @!$#er has some fast reflexes too. He can hold his own with us 20/30 year olds.

Zap Bran4gin3876d ago

those F'n kids are soo annoying its a good thing they came up with that.

but then again they could just go get a regular headset.

Skerj3876d ago

So tired of hearing 10 year old kids on live screaming into the mic and cursing at all of us because they got killed.

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The story is too old to be commented.