GamingOgre: The Fight: Lights Out PS3 (Move) Review

GamingOgre: Could The Fight: Lights Out be a contender, or is it just another washed up has been? Find out in our full review!

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Balt 2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I'm doing a huge breakdown of this game on my web-show soon. As a game, it's disappointing to say the least. As a tool for fitness it's surprisingly really good. I'm a fit guy. I workout, done so for many years now -- But around November 8th I dropped free weights from my routine and cardio in favor of testing this game out and putting it through the paces over Hanukkah and the New Year; as I always tend to let myself gain about 10lbs over the two events.

The game works well in training mode and I burn 1000 calories a day in 35 to 40 min, opposed to 1000 on a stair stepper in an hour or a treadmill in an hour -- In a very boring, drab environment.

Will I use it full time and never go back to the gym? No -- Never. But what I'm proving is that it can be effective if given time and a fair shake. But, as I said, it's very shallow as a game. The fighters never want to fight you. They'd rather back away from you or shove you away and that's a shame. You'll spend more time hitting the air than hitting them. Another thing I find suspect is that the most useful view, the top down view, is obstructed by an overhead light hanging in the rafters of the training/endurance mode. It's stupid how they put that there for no added effect. Take it out!

Anyways, I'm going to be uploading the proof of my time/energy and efforts around January 8th -- 2 full months since I started using the game for this exercise. I usually use it for a parody show centering and for Screenwriters.

specialguest2911d ago

1000 calories?? that's amazing. Is the transparency patch available for this game yet? Or was that just a rumor?

Mr_Bun2911d ago

I agree that the single player 'campaign' is shallow, but the online aspect is fantastic! With exception to the endurance, training is no where near as physically demanding as the online bouts. I am putting 10x the effort into my punches when I know there is an actual human on the other end.

My only problem with this game is that it can be tough finding someone to fight online at times since so many reviews have $hit on this game

Balt 2911d ago

Send an invite, man. I'll be glad to jump online and duke it out. The problems I find are idiots un-calibrating themselves, shoving you away and running the whole time; letting the money drain in the process. People would rather cheat, if you can find someone in the shoddy room set up they've got, than fight you.

Mr_Bun2911d ago

I've only come across one 'potential' cheater. I started a fight where the guy just stood there while I wailed on him. His life meter never budged. He hit me with one punch and my gauge dropped by two thirds. I don't know if he was intentionally cheating or the game was just f'd.

I wish the rooms would show how many people were in them before you select them....I spend too much time logging into each room only to find no one.

etebitan2911d ago

hey add me... that way we can fight

jronj2911d ago

I'd say during about 1/3 of my online fights for what ever reason I get "uncalibrated" and can't get it back.. When the game works though, it's awesome, I just wish the calibration system had a better reset feature.

HungryGoku2911d ago

This game makes me train hard like Goku.