Simpsons meet GTA

When The Simpsons meet GTA, what do we get?

Major mahem! The video from Gametrailers shows us a bit more gameplay and use of weapons.

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Lifendz3842d ago

I don't know why this one is getting so much hype. BTW, I speak only from the vantage of the gaming press in regards to how these games do.

SmokeyMcBear3842d ago

how dare you say that, the first simpsons game is one the best ever made. The 4 player arcade game was a freaking classic, ate up my quarters like nobodys business. Also it could be that the movie came out and is adding to the hype. Simpsons forever

Skerj3842d ago

Simpsons already met GTA in the Simpsons Hit and Run game which was the best one since the arcade game.