2010’s Best DLC and Downloadable Games

As downloadable games get better every year, it’s no surprise that the days of brick and mortar stores seem numbered. 2010 saw a host of new downloads both big and small, good and bad. Whether they were bite-sized ideas done to perfection or had production levels that rivaled full games, players with internet connections were really blessed this year.

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Echo3072734d ago

MW2 isn't downloadable... and it didn't come out in 2010. WTF?

DatNJDom812734d ago

Spelunker HD and Dead Nation are my fav PSN downloadable games this year. Especially Spelunker HD.

Echo3072734d ago

Limbo and Dead Nation are probably my two favorites.

STREET x KING2734d ago

I bought limbo the other day and its really fun! One of the best downloadable games i've played.

NecrumSlavery2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

DeathSpank is my number one of 2010.

morganfell2734d ago

Dead Nation has been a blast for me. Also Alien Breed Impact and Alien Breed 2 Assault surprised the hell out of me.

I just finished 3 rounds of Conquest in the BF2 Vietnam add on and that was a hell of a lot of fun. That atmosphere is so well handled.

solidsnake2222734d ago

The Modern Warefare 2 DLC is downloadable and came out in 2010 though

Echo3072734d ago


That's true. I didn't think about that. I never got to the second map pack but I enjoyed the first one. A little overpriced, though.

solidsnake2222734d ago

Yeah, I didn't buy the MW2 DLC either, however I will throw my money out on the BO DLC for that damned addictive zombies mode.

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solidsnake2222734d ago

Why is Dead Space: Ignition on the list if all you did with it was bash it? This list is for "The best DLC and Downloadable Games of 2010" right?

kissmeimgreek2734d ago

Did you not notice the huge header above that section that clearly states "The biggest downloadable disappointments"?


solidsnake2222734d ago

Whoops, I guess not. Fail indeed XD

Echo3072734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Bubbles for being able to laugh at your mistake instead of slinking away without a word. :-)

kissmeimgreek2734d ago

haha I agree. Props for actually responding and joking about it. I can respect that.

Serjikal_Strike2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Dead Nation and Joe Danger are my favorite ps store downloads this year...also the Laura Croft Guardian of Light game was awesome

Black-Helghast2734d ago

I've always been interested in Limbo, but i haven't played it yet. I saw reviews and they say it's awesome. I wish i could play it.

Mcardle2733d ago

Worth it, sure it will make its way across eventually.

Blaine2734d ago

Where the hell is Deathspank?

Also, I demand MAG Escalation pack be put in the best DLC category!

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The story is too old to be commented.