Call of Duty Needs To Improve to Stay On Top

PCN: "We see articles everyday about how a new Call of Duty, currently Black Ops, has broken sales records. The nice thing is marketing usually doesn’t kick in till later and promotion give aways are not common. However in order for Activision to keep their beloved Call of Duty on top of the food chain, things will need to change. Here are our top things that need to improve in Call of Duty. "

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scar202917d ago

Na it just need's to die already it should have stopped after cod4.

Organization XII2917d ago

DIE COD DIEEEE, or just a reboot without thinking about or smelling the money and how to rip people off

TheLastGuardian2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

It's too late now. I've learned my lesson. I'm never buying a COD game again.

Anarki2917d ago

Nah, idiots will buy it no matter what. As long as they keep the same multiplayer - they're bound for success.

rockleex2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Why would they need to improve when they're still on top despite downgrading so much from one series to the next?

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HarryMonogenis2917d ago

Black Ops has made Activision over $1 billion so far -- I'm pretty sure they're not going to bother trying to "stay on top", as it's going to be hard for developers to get gamers off of Call of Duty..

StanLee2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Call of Duty seemingly doesn't have to improve to stay on top. Each iteration since Call of Duty 4 has been fraught with balance, connection, hacking and other community issues yet it's popularity has increased. Halo Reach and Battlefield Bad Company 2 were much better competitive multiplayer FPS options this year and yet, each game's community is dwarfed by Call of Duty's. For better or worse, much worse, Call of Duty has built a community so large that they would have to change the formula so drastically to alienate it's masses, the game would have to no longer be Call of Duty.

Akagi2917d ago

Bet each one of you have BlOps.

rockleex2916d ago

Not me. Good thing I got to try it out at my friend's place first.

LilMissGoddess2916d ago

yea they might, but me nah, see i like this thing called "renting" saves me a lot of heart ache. this franchise in my opinion gets worse every year, but it sells more every year, screwed up huh?

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TurismoGTR2917d ago

Call of Duty is a Multiplayer game. All they need to do is just release Modern Warfare 3 in 2011-2012.

Then just release DLC every time they wanna release more maps and such.

We dont need a new COD every year. DLC is the answer.

Dave13512916d ago

only a multiplayer game? maybe for the noobs and the little kids. i always play single player before i touch multiplayer.

Pillage052916d ago

I thought we had finally got rid of that word...noob

Dave13512916d ago

haha i didnt get the memo

solidsnake2222917d ago

Sadly no it doesn't. Everybody will buy it every year no matter how few things change. And why, because it's Call of Duty, one of the most well known FPS games ever. SHOULD thing change? Of course. WILL they? No.

thereapersson2917d ago

I was just going to say that.

People expect some sort of miracle turn around in the general public, like everyone out there is some how going to wake up one day and realize

"hey, maybe this is all just pretty shallow, and we're giving these developers more credit than they deserve?"\

Ain't gonna happen, though. CoD is like Heroin. You know it's bad for you, and you know it's a shallow, pointless experience. But, for some reason, you just can't stop using.

VenomProject2917d ago

I've played every CoD from CoD4 to MW2 and I stopped cold turkey.

No Black Ops for me, thanks. I'll be enjoying Bad Company 2: Vietnam.

Baka-akaB2917d ago

It has proven three times in a row that i doesnt need to .

mastiffchild2917d ago

Question is, can Acti push things far enough to kill the golden goose. COD4 is still the high water mark in MP, SP and balance terms for the series and it was always a fully functioning gam,e on and offline from day one because it was the last one they bothered testing(QA and beta) properly and the last one where the ad budget wasn't twice the dev budget.

Blops andf MW2 aren't BAD games at all-COD4(which is the core of what they are)was a big step forwards for MP on console esp but swince then the care and passion has left the development as Acti have made devs cut every corner possible to save pennies and it shows more every year. Right now the sales of Blops suggests not enough gamers care or have noticed these things(or the fact that as market leader in online shooters should have dedicated servers on every platform)but the law iof diminishing returns(in quality this time) insists they will one day and when they do, if Acti haven't started updating and improving rather than milking the formula they could be in a PES position and go from top of the pile to looking(as PES now does at Fifa)at another franchise filling their gap. Shingo and Konami went too long thinking they needed to do very little to stay top and it bit their arses hard. Acti are milking even harder and with even fewer yearly innovations AND overpriced DLC so the penny will drop if the games keep running worse every year and NEVER move forwards and have increasingly banal SP campaigns.

EA(and whatever EX IW do for them), DICE, Bungie, Epic and the Sony devs aren't idiots and if Acti continue to be arrogant on top if being blase about keeping their No 1 spot don't imagine no one is capable of unseating COD as COD4 did to MoH. So, while it seems people will keep rewarding what's really a good game allowed to go stale in my eyes they won't do so forever.

gcolley2917d ago

it hasnt really improved since CoD 1 gameplay wise and it still kills at retail. it is a mainstream shooter for casual and hardcore.

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