Videogames are a 'Narrative Test-Bed' for Movies?

Steve Lisberger, producer of the new Tron: Legacy film recently said the following quote:

"I like the fact that the games in some ways are a visual and a narrative test bed for Hollywood, where some of the more far-out ideas can be experimented with on a somewhat smaller scale than having to ratchet them all the way up to a film like Tron: Legacy".

So is this the reason why when a game is translated to the big screen it seems to immediately lose every single narrative thing that made it great in the first place in exchange for a brand new story that often has little relevance to the medium the narrative was first expressed on? Are our games just a testing ground for the movie moguls to basically lift concepts from and exploit them into poor movies based on franchises we all know and love? According to Lisberger, this would seem to be the case. He also said:

"I think that's a good relationship between games and films."

Let me put it simply. There isn't. I've elaborated on this point before, but historically the videogame/movie crossover franchise has been plagued by constant garbage...

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