Games that warp your sense of reality after long periods of play

Some games tend to be so absorbing that it's hard to put them down and just carry on your daily routine as if nothing happened. GamerNode talks about Tetris, Crackdown, Mario Kart and others.

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neogeo3727d ago

Playing that game for too long has me checking out parts of my city and wondering if this building would be better over there or if the water system is up to par with the city standers.

Eagle_CFC3726d ago

You look at buildings to see how an agent could scale them, is funny!

tplarkin73726d ago

I've had Crackdown dreams after playing it.

toejam3725d ago

After playing Dr Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine for weeks, I starting hallucinating for a week. I would always be comboing beans where ever I looked. I was able to play the game only half looking at what bean was next. I had memorized the board. It was a messed up time in my life.. My dreams consisted of max combos. BTW my record is 7 red beans and 4 rows (39 full rows of destructo beans). Damn I wish there was a competition for that...