Why Forza 4 could take over Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 has been out for some time now, and it has positioned itself as one of the best racing games around. We have also heard that Forza 4 is set to be released in 2011 and looks like it could be a great competitor for Gran Turismo 5. In this article Kickarss wants to discuss why Forza could be better than GT5.

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awiseman2917d ago

0000 must be another conspiracy against sony...

Dark_Charizard2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Do you know what EA's boss said? “The way you unseat a market leader is you make a better game a couple of times in a row."

Think about it. Microsoft is applying a similar strategy. We've seen 3 major Forza games already this gen in contrast with one major GT5. On top of that, all Forza's have a higher metascore than GT5. The only way I see Gran Turismo regain its former popularity is the release of GT6 and GT7 this generation: and fast.

PirateThom2917d ago

Gran Turismo hasn't lost any of its popularity though, in fact, it's still highly praised.

No, the reason its metacritic scores took a hit was because they went too far with it, they made the game too hard unlike Forza which went the opposite direction.

Genesis52917d ago

That's right PT. Forza went for the more arcade style racer while GT stayed true to its origins and remained what it is famous for. The worlds best driving simulator.

nycredude2917d ago


If you think Forza is more popular than Gt5 you are delusional. Gt5 out sold Forza 3 lifetime sales inless than 2 weeks.

Which one is the better game depends on who you ask but there is no disputing Gt5's popularity.

StanLee2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Forza 3 isn't easier than GT5, it's just more accessible. There are tools in the game to help the more casual fan of racing titles but these tools are optional. A casual player may gradually remove these tools as he progresses and learns or the more die hard fan wanting a sim can turn all these options off. Forza 3 is a great game and having release 2 iterations this gen, Turn 10 received great feedback from Forza 2's community.

2917d ago
gaffyh2917d ago

Well from actually playing BOTH games, GT5 is A LOT better than Forza, and a lot of people who have also played both games agree. GT is a better simulation especially, whereas Forza, while not an arcade racer, is more arcade-y.

The only reason we've seen 3 major Forza games, and now a fourth coming soon is because MS want to catch up to GT with the numbers. That's it. Once Forza hit's 5, they will wait to release games in a similar timeframe to Gran Turismo, and hopefully then there actually will be some quality to the game, rather than them rushing to release a game every 1-2 years with minor improvements.

TreMillz2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

the rewind feature made Forza automatically Arcade style.... not even much arcade racers have that feature...and a so called simulator does...

darthv722917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

ANY new version of a game has the potential to out-do not only its former release but also the comparative competition.

It is a matter of not only capitalizing on the good points to make them better but also adding features that hadnt been thought of or included in the prior release.

It will take more than that however when it comes to the popularity (name recognition). Not that it can't happen but that it makes it more difficult to get people to see your product and what it offers more/better.

That sentiment is basically in all forms of business. You could have a better cheaper product but some are so stuck on name brand that they wont deviate. That is where marketing comes into play.

edit: @gaffyh
"The only reason we've seen 3 major Forza games, and now a fourth coming soon is because MS want to catch up to GT with the numbers. That's it."

I dont see where it is relevant that a game series have to match x number of releases to be accepted. If that were true, then we need more RPG's cause FF is approaching 14 soon.

Come on phantasy star 14.

thereapersson2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

PD is updating, and will continue to update, the game with every feature, and fixing nearly every complaint that reviewers had with the game.

The unfortunate side-effect to this, is that most people who will never play the game will take reviews at face value, not attempting to look further into things. Those who actually ignored the shit reviews and purchased the game for themselves are being rewarded with diligent attention from the developers, and game that is well-worthy of praise.

GeneGodHand2917d ago

Gt5 has to worry about nothing it made so much money and the name is famous Forza is a nobody keeping it real.

punisher992917d ago

Unfortunately for you and Microsoft. Metascores doesnt have anything to do with real gamers. A real gamer doesn't use scores to determine whats good or not.

cobpswii36002917d ago

Lost popularity? GT5 has already sold better than Every Forza game. Reviews? Screw em.

Clarence2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong. You are basing populartiy on a metric score. Well I would say that about 5m people disagree with you. By the end GT5 run Fartza 4 nor 5 will surpass GT5 in sales or quality.

ChronoJoe2917d ago

Every Forza has had a better meta score than every respective GT game. (Forza 1, better rated than GT4, Forza 2, better rated than GT4, Forza 3 better rated than GT5). So kinda debunks that theory. It's mostly because Forza doesn't have the licenses and feature set, which are what's important to sim racing fans, rather than metascores.

Just not the same type of game. GT focuses on being a sim, and Forza focuses on being a game... different things and it's a sim that sim.

And we all know that Forza 4 won't look ANYWHERE NEAR what is displayed there. Everyone saw the Forza 1 bullshots, and then the Forza 2 ones, then the Forza 3 ones, now these are the Forza 4 ones.

ChronoJoe2917d ago


You're wrong. Driving on forza is ALWAYS assisted. It always has the GT equivalent of 'skid assist' stuck on.

It's for casuals. Sorry, but the game is built for casual racing fans, not hardcore players who want a good racing SIM.

Strikepackage Bravo2916d ago

GT5 comes up short in too many areas, there is more to racing than driving in a circle around a track. I cant change my tire pressure, I cant put on lighter rims, my tire choices are limited, GT5 AI is retarded, and when I slam into a wall my performance is unaffected in GT5, that is not a sim, GT5 is an arcade racer, Forza is way more realistic.

2916d ago
rockleex2916d ago

"Forza is NOT an "arcade style" racer."

Then tell me why the Forza devs decided to modify the real race tracks to make it MUCH easier to drive?

Forza 2:


zag2916d ago

@Strikepackage Bravo

LoL, racing is just that racing in a circle on a track, if your on a street you'll just go in a straight line or do a big circle, that's what they do in Stockholm dvds

Changing tire pressure isn't good anyway, if they are low you'll run the risk of poping tires from heat in the sidewall, and if they are to high you run the risk of them poping from hitting the bumps and they have no flex in them to allow them to shape around the bump.

Spec B racing allows to make the AI much better racers as you become their manager, so if you never do any spec B racing it'll be AI lvl 1 it can goto lvl40+ in AI in GT5.

Also the idea isn't to hit the wall but to stay on the track... try and do it on a real track you'll find it's not as easy as you think.

The problems I find with Forza is the cars all goto un-realistic speeds even a mini1 will do 300kph when their motor only does a max of 90kph is laughable, also all the cars have real bad under-steer.

It simply doesn't behave like a real car should and in a sim that's the way it should be, GT5 isn't about making it easy to drive as it isn't at speed in a real car.

That's why so many new drivers crash all the time, as they get cocky thinking they can take every corner at 150kph and that off camber corner throws them into a tree like a piece of paper.

Forza is hugely unrealistic, people saying it's a sim is a joke.

B-3122916d ago

inb4 PS3 fanboy shitstorm

oh damn... too late :/

Dee_912916d ago

this fails so much
1 they are cmoparing a in game shot to a bullsot and i remember seeing some forza 3 bullshots and they looked incredible but the in game cars were not as good

my opinion top gear us is too generic and stripted and the track isnt famous like the top gear uk track so its kinda pointless to gloat about some unknown track being featured ..

3 kinect support ...

im not saying forza 4 wont be as good as gt5 ( i cant see the future)but those were shitty reasons it could beat gt5

AAACE52916d ago

When will it end?

Forza 2 came out. Then GT5P came out and people complained how can you compare GT5P to an old game?

Then Forza 3 came out and people complained, How can you compare F3 to GT5P which is a year old?

Now GT 5 is out and people are complaining, How can you compare GT 5 to a game that is almost a year old?

Next, Forza 4 will come out and people will be asking, How can you compare Forza 4 to GT 5, because GT 5 is the greatest and last racing game we will ever need.... least until GT 6 comes out anyway!

bennyace2916d ago

The reason GT5 scores took a hit. It's because it's 80% PS2 and 20% PS3. That's the main reason for me and the reason I sold it already. I was very disapointed with the long wait for that little new content. And I don't care about Nascar or go-karts. I don't care when EA releases A Nascar game every year so why should I care that it's on GT5.

And to those saying that Forza is Arcady probably never played it or haven't tried it without the assists. Spin it the way you want GT5 only recieved 3 perfect scores on meta while Forza 3 got 10. I know I'll get a lot of disagrees for that. Omg saying something negative abour GT5 on N4G! What was I thinking.

ChronoJoe2916d ago


The integrity of the video I posted isn't up for debate at this stage, or with me. It's old, and it's been discussed and tested to death all over Forza forums, if you want to get into it go there and try argue with the people who've tested it.

Dee_912916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


since your saying 80% of the cars are from gt4 and only 20% is ps3 ( which goes to show you never even played the game let alone " sold it ")
tthat means the entire game is 80% gt4 despite all the new content besides the nascar and karting ?

thats wierd i didnt know that the cars were 100% of the game :p

and btw the only ones saying forza isnt arcadey havent played gt5 yet

AndrewRyan2916d ago

I agree. Forza 3 was not as much of a simulator but I loved the game for it's customization, the game was really, really fun. GT5 is a lot more realistic and the graphics are great. Fun? Yeah sure it is! It depends on who you are.

Anon19742916d ago

Here's the problem with the idea of Forza taking over from GT. Europe and Japan. The Europeans and Japanese love their cars, and they love their racing games just as much as the Americans do, but outside of the US the 360 never really caught on. It's still primarily a US built console that caters to the US audience. So, while Americans may snatch up Forza - the market in Japan and Europe will always be limited for them simply based on the install base, which isn't in a position to challenge Sony. Unless the 360 suddenly cracks the European and Japanese markets and takes it away from the PS3, which simply isn't about to happen, Forza sales will always be limited. It's Europe and Japan combined that are by far driving GT sales.

bennyace2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@Dmarc look at my avatar. I took the picture of the 2 boxes (gt5 and forza 3) together with my name written underneath because I knew that some Sony fanboy would say that I never played GT5.

I was at level 14 when I sold it. And You don't have to take my word for it... it's all over the internet that GT5 is 80% recycled (800 standard cars from 1000 = 80%)and the new content is about 20% cars and tracks. I won't post links, I'm sure you can find it. But you probably don't want to anyways. Keep believing that GT5 didn't under-deliver. But 60+ reviews say the exact opposite. Only people that waited 5 years for GT5 without playing Forza deny that fact.

rareairtone2915d ago

There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to Turn 10's release schedule.

I don't know which one outweighs the other, but what I do like is that the frequent occurrence of iterations allow them to receive feedback constantly.

Dee_912914d ago

1. that doesent change a thing
if you think that 1000 cars = 100% of the game i dont know what to say to you
2.i can go buy forza and claim i played .. doesent really prove anything tbh sold the game after only reaching lvl 14 shows you probably bought the game because of the hype

and im not one of the ones saying gt5 is perfect .. i havent seen anyone say its a perfect game ..
and i dont think 63 reviewers saying the complete opposite.. i know that out of 63 reviews the average is 84

if reviewers were saying wwhat you are saying gt5 would be at a 20 .. not 80

zag2912d ago

The issues isn't about whether 1 is better than the other it's about what your after.

Some people want a car sim not an arcade racer like froza and need for speed etc and they'll want the PC car sims and GT5 to play on.

They aren't easy to drive and they never will be, the AI or other will will try to block you at every turn and try to make it hard to slip stream etc, they aren't made so you can see what a car will look like when to trash it into a wall at 250kph, they are made so you can practise your track/driving skills properly, think of these as the flight simulators of car games.

if you want to easy to drive piss about car games that are around purely of a time waste or fun then get everything else on the shelf.

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Organization XII2917d ago ShowReplies(7)
creeping judas2917d ago

1 Forza on the OG Xbox + 2 Forza's on the 360 does not equal 3 Forza games this generation. Forza 4 will be the 3rd this generation.How many GT5's appeared on the PS2?

That being said, I hope I finish off GT5 before Forza4 drops as I love this genre of gaming the most!!

oldjadedgamer2917d ago

Ummm... zero GT5s appeared on the PS2.

Just sayin.

King-Leonidas2916d ago

aaaaahahahaahaha just shot yourself in the foot!

creeping judas2916d ago

Nice one, was meant to be GT's

RedRedSuitSDF2916d ago

Everyone already knows that Forza 3 is already better than GT 5.

Kon_Artist 2916d ago


bro pleassss more jokes

sporteous1212122915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@ miDnIghtEr20C

...your post is bland

PlayStation X2916d ago

Didnt anyone learn from the previous forza's? all turn 10 do is lie and overhype there game and your left in disapointment when its released.

State of Matter2916d ago

OK wait, your kidding right, your being sarcastic I get it... right?

What you just described is the very definition of GT5, hype the game for 5 years with bullshots, then when it releases its full of last gen flaws and stupid mistakes, leaving everyone hugely disappointed. No cockpit views on 80% of the cars LMAO!!! Its 2010 for crying out loud!!! every time I think about that I laugh, then I cry :(

Kon_Artist 2916d ago

compare the cockpits from forza 3 to cockpits in gt5.

anti-gamer2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

@ State
lol are your brin cell are ok.

the one how was hyping they game by a fack bullshot and call it this is in game shot was turn 10.

furza 3 have many last gen flaws and bugs.

PD didnt hype the game.

I laugh at some idiot say gt5 is disappoined becaus it was hype and forget how forza3 was hyped more than gt5.

and by the why if you played gt5 you well know photo wast bullshot.

State of Matter2916d ago

Well this isn't exactly ground breaking, GT5 is not very hard to beat, most of its cars are from PS2, and 80% of them dont even have cockpit view, GT5 is a PS2 game in HD.

They should have compared it to NFS Hot pursuit of sumpthin.

Kishin2916d ago


fuck off, kthx.

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scar202917d ago

Is it me or is it starting to get hot in here?

MaximusPrime2917d ago

guys read it.

its hilarious.

SonyNGP2917d ago

I just noticed the IV in the logo. lol.

rrw2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

and by the time Forza released Gt5 already fixed the problem and make it way better.

i wonder if polyphony decide to make GT6 to be released as same date as forza 5 which mean 3 years of development plan for GT6

redwolf2917d ago

and GT6 hype will be on the horizon

KotC2917d ago

Why should they need to fix GT5 when it took 5 years to make?

Grasping at straws

Black-Helghast2917d ago

Have you played GT5? Have you seen those details in the game? Dude theres 1000 cars. The graphics. The content. If you think you can do a better game than GT5, be my guest and do one.

Pixel_Enemy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I like how you summed up your own comment

"Grasping at straws"

dragon822916d ago

They didn't need to fix anything. The game was near perfect to begin with. The problem is that most "gamers" this generation can't handle a game that requires a little skill to be good at.

Dee_912916d ago

damn they was working on ps3 game before ps3 was out ?
thats incredible

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