IGN gives 6/10 to Fatal Inertia - Fatally mediocre

In the future, a handful of wealthy corporations decide that a great form of entertainment would be to hire a bunch of racers, give them some cool ships, and watch them fly around and kill each other. While a bit macabre in theory, the implementation of this destructive sport, Fatal Inertia, comes off as bland and unimaginative. KOEI has developed in Fatal Inertia a title that assured blazing speeds, unique weaponry, and dynamic course design, but failed to deliver on that first, most crucial of promises.

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GoLeafsGo3940d ago

6/10 for Xbox360 version?

I'll go ahead and say the PS3 version will get something like 5.5-5.8

MaximusPrime3940d ago

we (the PS3 owners) are not worried. Playstation 3 has the king of the futuristic racing game, Wipeout HD. Im sure IGN will give at least 8.

thereapersson3940d ago

I was looking forward to this game but then all the announcements of it going multiplatform and KOEI suddenly having these mysterious development troubles that they weren't having months ago, caused my interest level in the game to severely drop. Not that multiplatform games are bad, mind you, just that all the excitement over the game resulted in a less-than-stellar end product thanks to KOEI.

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