GameSpot's Best of 2010: Best Shooter

The Best Shooter category recognizes the best games that let you take control of a character, ship, or talking robot and shoot your enemies into oblivion.

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awiseman2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Nice, although according to 90% of the ppl on this site...the game sks..what went wrong?

edit @ below very true

HarryMonogenis2915d ago

N4G doesn't make up the gaming population. Quite a lot of people on this site are nothing more than immature fan boys.

Have you seen the type of comments recently? Take a look at this Halo article, for example. People are bashing the game -- yet they're all getting agrees added.

Dark_Charizard2915d ago

Totally agree with you Harry. I posted numerous of these submissions but "Best Driving Game" was somehow approved within seconds because GT5 did not get the award. Pathetic.

StanLee2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

So true. Halo Reach is probably the most complete game this year. With a better campaign than Call of Duty: Black Ops, more content and a better and more balanced multiplayer. Hell, Battlefield Bad Company 2 may be a close second. I just don't see how Call of Duty's popularity increases as iterations offer less with less polish. Call of Duty 4 will remain the franchise's high point.

badz1492915d ago

but BFBC2 is the best shooter this year for me. I think it gets less attention because it was released earlier this year and the hype went down! I heard the Vietnam expansion is good too. maybe I should pick it up as well!

soundslike2915d ago

It gets less attention because it takes more skill. Not saying Reach doesn't take skill, but the barrier of entry is higher in BFBC2. To popular sites like gamespot, that's a negative.

badz1492915d ago

the only thing I can complaint about BFBC2 is the campaign. it's shorter than the 1st which is kinda shame after all their talk about how short MW2 and stuff!

and I don't know about that entry level you were talking about but last year GS gave this to KZ2 which is not low on entry level at all!

Pyscho_Mantis2915d ago

IMO Halo 3 was so much better. Still playing it LOL

otherZinc2915d ago

A site gets it right!

Fanboy crap aside, Halo:Reach is the most comprehensive package in the history of console shooters. AND, the online portion works!

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Motorola2915d ago

im glad black ops didnt win thats all

TheBand1t2915d ago

Well yea, it was either this or Black Ops....and Reach at least has balance and gameplay going for it

Ducky2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Bad Company, and they can deny.

Infernostew2915d ago

Bad Company 2 has been so underappriciated/forgotten by gaming sites for these end of the year awards. Such a shame. I haven't played Reach since I don't own a 360 and none of my friends who own one has picked it up but congrats to Bungie.

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The story is too old to be commented.