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Gametrailers: The genre did not falter in 2010, which huge titles delivering legendary experiences, but which game dominated the genre? The GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Action/Adventure is here!

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morganfell2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Hell yes, God of War III FTW. Unmatched chaos and action. Just seeing this makes me want to take another run at the mountain.

DatNJDom812912d ago

This means it won't win game of the year now.... its a shame cause GOW3 is my personal game of the year.

Downtown boogey2912d ago

It's the insurmountable lack of content. That's why GoWIII can't win GOTY and it should definitely be wrong if it did.
After I had Platinum'd it, there was nothing left for me to do! And it only took a few days to accomplish that, unfortunately.

Ahasverus2912d ago

Best action game, yes, best action adventure, no way.

Rage_S902912d ago ShowReplies(1)
Downtown boogey2912d ago

Haven't played Peace Walker, but knowing it's a Metal Gear game I assume it could be better.

thebudgetgamer2912d ago

but add something to the topic.

Commander_TK2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

No Red Dead Redemption? Heavy Rain? Alan Wake?

Rage_S902912d ago

you fail to understand my immature humour......

quarkist2912d ago

Best graphics, and best action adventure,... should be Game of the year!!!

Optical_Matrix2912d ago

GoTY 2010 imo. Although it's not my FAVORITE game this year, its the best game I've played..if that makes sense? No other game this year, experience wise, did what God of War III did to me. The game felt short but it was a well paced, solid package with boss fights and set pieces that few devs can say they are able to match or live up to. The games opening cutscene and gameplay sequence, leading into the Poseidon boss fight, really speaks for itself.

Heavy_Rain2912d ago

GOW3 FTW! This game is brutal , epic and even now when I play the cronos stage my jaw drops. How they pulled that scale with beautiful camera work, still giving you control the entire time and not even a single loading screen or even a slight stutter is beyond me. There was no competition. Although RDR was good I would not like to classify it particularly under action. Adventure yes but it was def not action packed. RDR was more about being laid back and enjoying the view and just the feeling of being in the wild west. I always hated the AB series.

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The story is too old to be commented.